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(Lakeville, IN, September 24, 2009) Terrence F. McVerry, United States District Judge for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Tuesday September 15, granted a request for summary judgment on behalf of Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. and Dirt Motor Sports, Inc., d/b/a World Racing Group. In granting the request, the judge decreed the case closed. 

The court wrote in its decision, "... The summary judgment record demonstrates that the sanctioning bodies clearly want single tire rules, and that both Hoosier and STA compete to have their tires selected. Competition to become the exclusive supplier is a vital form of rivalry, and often the most powerful one, which the antitrust laws encourage rather than suppress The court went on to say, STA has not suffered an Antitrust Injury and, thus, does not have standing to bring this action  

The suit was initiated against Hoosier by Race Tires America, a division of Specialty Tires of America (STA), manufacturer of American Racer tires, in September 2007. A month later, Dirt Motor Sports was named an additional defendant. STA has the right to appeal.

"We are pleased with the court's decision," said Bob Newton, president of Hoosier Racing Tire. "This is a victory for Hoosier Tire and good news for promoters, teams, and drivers who for 25 years enjoyed the cost control and parity resulting from one-tire rules. Hoosier has supported one-tire rules since prevailing over M&H Racing Tires in litigation that established their lawfulness in 1984. Newton also said: "We appreciate the support of the sanctioning groups, tracks, and drivers with whom we do business, and pledge that we will continue to manufacture and deliver race tires of the highest quality at competitive prices. We will continue to support promoters, sanctioning groups, and drivers, doing our part to increase car counts, enhance competition and sustain fan appeal."

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. headquartered and located in Lakeville, Indiana, focuses its business exclusively on selling racing tires. Hoosier is the largest race tire manufacturer in the world that specializes in manufacturing racing tires.

To read the court ruling in its entirety click here.

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