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Bob & Joyce Newton

"Welcome to the official Hoosier Racing Tire website. Like our tires, the website was also "Designed for Champions." We are excited about the prospect of utilizing the internet to explain to the world who we are and what we do. 

From the beginning, we have sought out the best and brightest people to be a part of the Hoosier family. At Hoosier, we feel that by surrounding yourself with hard working people of high caliber and integrity, the sky is the limit as to what can be accomplished. Our history has proven this out over the years. We pride ourselves in offering a complete race tire line at an affordable price. We are also proud of the fact that all Hoosier tires have always been proudly "Made in the USA." 

And don't forget to visit the apparel pages where you can purchase fun, high quality Hoosier products and clothing over the internet. Once again, welcome and come visit us again." 


Joyce Newton

Bob & Joyce Newton
In Memory of
Hoosier Tire Co-founder, Bob Newton, 1927-2012
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