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Andy Bozell setting a new world record at Kalamazoo Speedway on 10" Hoosier tires!.KALAMAZOO, MI (September 17, 2011) -- Andy Bozell set a new 3/8-mile world record Saturday posting a lap of 10.020 seconds on Hoosier racing tires. (Watch Video)

The 12-time Kalamazoo Speedway track champion broke his own record time of 10.038 seconds set last year.

The surprising part wasn't that Bozell set the new record, it was that he did so on 10" wide tires. The previous record time was set using a 17" wide right rear tire.

After setting the world record mark, Bozell went on to win the 75-lap Call of the Wild feature race ahead of his son Phil. 

Mark Shook finished in third place preventing a sweep of the top three spots by the Bozell family in the night's Outlaw V-8's class. Jeff Bozell finished in fourth followed by Mike Shewchuk in fifth.

Congratulations to Andy Bozell on his record-setting run on Hoosier racing tires.

For more information you can visit www.kalamazoospeedway.com.  


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