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ELKHART LAKE, WI (June 15-16, 2013) -- Exciting fast moving Grassroots racing action takes place almost every weekend. This weekend on the spectacular four-mile rolling, twisting, turning Road America road course, the 58th edition of the Chicago Region SCCA WeatherTech June Sprints was held.  Teams competed in the first leg of what’s known as the “Triple Crown” of sports car club racing. 

Hoosier Racing Tire drivers stood on the highest step of the podium a total of nineteen times, in twenty-seven classes available. A couple of these classes are sanctioned classes in which Hoosier does not participate in, at this time.

Any driver will tell you they could not make it to the finish line without their wonderful teams, starting with the tire servicing work done by Hoosier Tire Midwest, out of Plymouth, Indiana, working in a timely, organized and effective manner, getting drivers out on the track racing towards the finish line.  Hoosier Racing Tire corporate also added valuable engineering and technical support throughout the week.

For complete details, and additional information from this weekend’s events, and the official web site of the Sport Car Club of America, go to www.scca.com.  

Saturday, June 15, 2013 Hoosier Tire wins include:  

Race 1, the Spec Miata class

SM: Hoosier takes its first podium sweep of the day with Justin Elder on the top step with a best lap time of 02:44.904, Erik Stearns in second and Chris Halderman in third.  

Race 2, C Sports Racer, D Sports Racer, FB and Sports 2000

CSR: Jason Miller steps on top of the podium with a best lap time of 02:05.016, Hoosier driver Lee Alexander takes second step, and Jim French takes third for Hoosier  

DSR: David Locke stands atop the podium with a best lap time of 02:09.059, and Tom Bootz finishes close behind with a second place finish.             

FB: Lawrence Loshak captures first place for Hoosier with a best lap time of 02:11.221, Steve Ott comes in second, and Brian Novak finishes third.  

S2: David Doran takes second place with a best lap time of 02:20.853.  

Race 3, Grand Touring 1, Grand Touring 2, Grand Touring and Touring 1

GT1: Hoosier not on the podium this time.        

GT2: Hoosier finds a second place finish with Mark Pauly and a third step of the podium with Joe Sturm.

GT3:  Hoosier takes a second with Mike Cyphert and George Cichon Jr.comes in third.     

T1: Another Hoosier sweep and Track Record set by John Buttermore in his Corvette with a fast lap time of 02:23.028.  George Biskup capturing second, and Robert Schmidt in third.  

Race 4, Spec Racer Ford, is a non-Hoosier spec tire race.  

After the first day of racing, four races and ten different classes Hoosier takes five first place finishes and four podium sweeps.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013 Hoosier Tire wins include:

Race 5, American Sedan, Touring 2, Touring 3, Touring 4 and Super Touring Under

AS:   A Hoosier podium sweep with Andy McDermid on top with a fast lap time of 02:29.992 in his Mustang.  Chris Pedersen coming in second, and Peston Read third.             

T2:  Sweeping the podium was Tom Sloe with a new track record, 2:27.194 in first, Andy Wolverton in second and Andrew Longe coming in third.  

T3:  In a hard fought battle Hoosiers Alan Kossof finishes second, and third place was also a Hoosier driver Aaron Kaplan.

T4: Mike Scornavacchi proves that Hoosier tires work well, standing on top the podium with a new track record of  02:43.909, second step was Ralph Porter.

STU: With a small run class Hoosier’s Ron Pawley achieves a second place finish.                 

Race 6, the Formula Fords, Formula 500 and the Formula Vee

FF: Hoosier takes another podium sweep, with Steve Bamford in first with a time of 2:23.705, Tim Kauts captures second and Scott Rubenzer in third.  

F5: Mike Mueller takes top step of the podium with a fast lap time of 02:23.483. Jim Weida in second and Steve Jondal in third place for this Hoosier podium sweep.

FV: Yet another podium sweep for Hoosier with Mike Varacins in his Speedsport coming in first with a best lap time of 02:41.277, and another new track record. Chuck McCormick coming in second, and Ron Whitston, for the second year in a row, comes in third.

Race 7, which includes the E Production, F Production, Grand Touring Lites, H Productions and Super Touring Lites.

EP: Matt Reynolds takes a hard fought first place, with his best lap time of 02:30.534, and Steve Smyczek comes in third, for Hoosier.  

FP: Still another podium sweep for Hoosier with Ken Kannard in first place with a fast lap time of 02:35.385. Chuck Mathias in second place and Rick Harris finished in third place.

GTL: Jim Dentici out in front, Bob Clark on the second step of the podium and Chris Bovis in third place.  

HP: Lawrence Loshak, taking the top spot of the podium for the second time this weekend finishes first

with a best lap time of 2:44.826. Robert Kelly finishes second and in third place for Hoosier was Sam Moore.  

STL: A Podium sweep with Bob Schader in first with a best lap time of 2:36.647. Brian Laughlin came in second, and Rich Walke third.

Race 8, Formula Atlantic, Formula Continental, Formula Enterprise and Formula Mazda   

FA: Keith Grant atop the podium in his Swift 014 with a best lap time of 02:04.716, Jean-Luc Liverato in second, and Mike Mallinen on the third step.  

FC: Hoosier’s Brian Tomasi finds himself in second place, and Pete Lesueur holds down the third step of the podium.     

FE: Hoosier podium sweep yet again in this race group with Scott Rettich in first, with a best lap time of 02:15.570, a new track record. Steve Gundahl in second place and Curt Harrelson in third.        

FM: Hoosier takes the top step Darryl Wills with a best lap time of 2:16.767.                                        

Sunday after four races and sixteen different classes, Hoosier sweeps the podium eleven times and has a total of thirteen top place finishes for the day.

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Hoosier Racing Tire is proud to be a major tire supplier for the SCCA racing series.  

Hoosier would like to congratulate all of the drivers and teams that participated in the June Sprints, and looks forward to continuing to provide you with all of your racing tire needs.


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