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Troy Green finding success on Hoosier's new Nostalgia Top Fuel tire.BAKERSFIELD, CA (June 01, 2008) -- Reports keep pouring in on the success of Hoosier's new Nostalgia Top Fuel tire. Now, we hear that Troy Green (photo) won using the new tire at Famoso Raceway in the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series.

Green not only drove his High Speed Motorsports dragster to the win at Famoso, he also set low ET with a time of 5.71 seconds in round one and top speed in the final at 261 mph. 

Following up his strong performance in California, Green traveled to Bowling Green, Kentucky where he again set low ET and top speed of the event. Green posted the top time of 5.727 seconds and the top speed at 258.67 mph at Beech Bend Raceway.   

Green used the same pair of Hoosier's 12.00-16 NT/F tires (#18975NT/F) at both events.

Special thanks go out to Walt Stevens from High Speed Motorsports for providing the details of Troy's success on Hoosier tires.

The NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series event is part of a 7-race series for nostalgia race cars governed by NHRA rules.  

For more information about the exciting new series visit www.nhrahotrodheritage.com

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