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Paul Moyer is recognized by Hoosier's Neil Cowman for his efforts as a Hoosier Tire Dealer prior to the micro sprint rqace at Logansport.LOGANSPORT, IN (September 18, 2010) -- Paul Moyer was recognized this past weekend for his 1,000th win as a micro sprint dealer for Hoosier Tire Midwest-Plymouth. 

In recognition of the accomplishment, Moyer was presented a plaque and jacket by Hoosier Racing Tire's Neil Cowman. 

The plaque was inscribed, "In recognition of 1,000 wins, Hoosier Racing Tire wishes to congratulate Paul Moyer on reaching this milestone achievement as a Hoosier dealer while offering our heartfelt appreciation for his unparalleled level of commitment to his customers over the years."

The presentation took place prior to the start of the weekly micro sprint races at US 24 Speedway in Logansport. 

Cowman was joined for the presentation by local micro sprint ace Nate Lauderbaugh. According to Moyer's count, Lauderbaugh was the winner of the 1,000th race won by a race car on Hoosier tires. Lauderbaugh captured the milestone win on June 26, in the 600cc Non Wing class.   

Cowman stated, "On behalf of Bob and Joyce Newton and all the employees of Hoosier Racing Tire we're very proud to have Paul as a Hoosier dealer. He has been supporting micro sprint racers for many years and takes great pride in working with both new and veteran drivers like Nate."

Cowman added, "Each week our dealers see first-hand what compounds and special set-ups work best at each track. They see which combinations work best as conditions change throughout the day and into the night."  

Cowman concluded, "The dealer network established by our distributors is a vital part of our overall success. And dealers like Paul, who are in the trenches every week providing sales and service to our customers, are the backbone of that success."

Hoosier Racing Tire would like to congratulate Paul Moyer for his 1,000 wins as a Hoosier Tire Dealer.  

Hoosier also would like to thank Rich and Ali Forman for sending us the picture of Paul accepting his award.


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