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Aaron Holstrom's daughter Makenna competed in her first-ever kart race in 2014 in her Hoosier-equipped Intrepid Kart and finsihed fifth in her class!
Chad Lee Chris Putnam Oregon's Michael Jones is a winner on Hoosiers!
Blake Davis Racing Fuhrman Racing Team's 2012 PGP (Purdue Grand Prix) pace kart. Trey Hutchens turnin' laps on Hoosiers at Nashville.
Florida's Larry Bryant's #94 aka "The Hoosier Havoc" 2010 Washington Quarter Midget Association class winners JR Osborne's SuperKart rides on Hoosiers!
Andrew Loveless is a champion on Hoosiers! Isaac Caretti races on Hoosiers! 4 1/2 yr-old Sawyer Brice rides on Hoosiers "BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST!"
Jayce M. Haghighi won the IKF Grand Nationals at Eagles Canyon on Hoosiers! Tyler Clem racing on Hoosier tires! Daniel Ochs races on Hoosier tires!
Michael Atwell piloting his .25 midget on Hoosiers! The 2008 Minnesota Quarter Midget Racing Association awards banquet with all the attendees wearing Hoosier Racing Tire hats.. Like his brother Logan, Caedon Harbison also races on Hoosier quarter midget tires.
Alabama's Barry Ferrill races on Hoosier kart tires. Logan Harbison not only won this race, but a 2008 track championship on Hoosier tires! 13-year-old Nick Larsen (#01-center) from Oroville CA wins the Cycleland 6ft Perpetual trophy in the Open Intermediate with Hoosier tires!
The Harbison family was so pleased with their Hoosier kart tires, they named their new puppy "Hoosier". 6-yr-old Dylan Woodworth races in the Sodus Microd Club in Jr. Novice class on Hoosiers! Steven Norman won Blue Plate at Lake Village Motor Speedway on 4/20/08 on Hoosiers!
Taylor Moore won the Animal Heavy class on Hoosiers! Mark Eddy using Hoosier kart tires while autocrossing Caine Cress of Monroe, WA leads the pack on Hoosier tires!
5-yr-old Caedon Harbison on Hoosiers competing in his first-ever race. 8-yr-old Logan Harbison leading the pack on Hoosier tires. 10 year-old Hayden Sharbono races on Hoosier tires.
Taylor Moore, from Lake Village, IN, gets ready to race at Lake Village Motor Speedway on Hoosier tires. rollins5.jpg (181639 bytes) Taylor Moore, from Lake Village, IN, takes the win at Lake Village Motor Speedway on Hoosiers!
Kaleb Johnson (#22), from Souix Falls, SD a winner on Hoosiers! Thomas Piotrowski Joe Komyati running the WKA 125 Shifter class at VIR on May 4-6, 2007 on Hoosiers.
Joe Janowski preparing to take to the track on Hoosier tires for Margo & Larry Nagy of Nagy Racing. Joe Janowski on Hoosiers driving for Margo & Larry Nagy of Nagy Racing Tyler Knuckles testing Hoosier Quarter Midget tires.
Cole Duncan at the October (03) test turns another lap on his "light" car on the new Hoosiers. Tyler Nuckles making one of his machine-like laps in his quarter midget (Oct-03). Tyler Nuckles completing warm up laps at the 1st Hoosier Quarter Midget tire test in October of 03.
Hoosier engineers gather tire temperatures after one of the test runs in October (03).. Cole Duncan takes a break while Irish Saunders records more of Cole's valuable comments. (10/03) October (03) - Data is gathered by the Hoosier engineers after one of the test runs by Tyler (Tyler's father Jeff is on the right).
Hoosier Engineers listen & record every comment made by Cole after one of the test runs. (10/03) Cole Duncan takes a break while Irish Saunders records more of Cole's valuable comments. (10/03) Hoosier Engineers listen intently to the comments made by 13-year-old test driver Tyler Nuckles in the "Heavy" quarter midget car. (10/03)
One of the lighter moments of the October test was when Jeff Nuckles attempted to push start his son's racer with his wheelchair.

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