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Kyle Schuett and family/crew after being named the 2008 Heavy B Dirt Grands Champion on Hoosier tires (Photo courtesy of Debi Supan)TAYLORVILLE, IL (August 2-9, 2008) -- The Christian County Quarter Midget Association in Taylorville, IL hosted the 2008 QMA Dirt Grand Nationals earlier this month attracting nearly 300 cars. When the dust had finally settled, Devin Feger and Kyle Schuett (right) riding on Hoosier quarter midget tires were named 2008 Dirt Grands Champions. In addition, fast times were set by Hoosier-shod drivers in four of 15 classes including two new track records set by Dalton Parsons and Dane Schwartz.

The competition took place at the quarter midget track behind the Christian County Fairgrounds. The week-long event consisted of two days of practice, a day of qualifying , three days of lower main racing and a final day of A-main racing. 

In the Heavy Honda class, Dalton Parsons set a new track record with a time of 8.399 seconds, while Dane Schwarz set a new track record in Senior Stock after circling the track in 8.084 seconds. Both drivers set their respective records using Hoosier's A30A compound.

Kyle Schuett set fast time in two different classes on Hoosier tires. Schuett set fast time in Heavy Mod (8.679 seconds) and in Heavy B (8.058 seconds) and also qualified second in the Heavy AA class using Hoosier's A40A compound. 

Devin Feger with his family/crew after being named the 2008 Dirt Grands Champion in Heavy Honda (Photo courtesy of Debi Supan) At the conclusion of the competition, two drivers using Hoosier tires were named 2008 Dirt Grand Champions. 

Devin Feger (left) was named the 2008 Heavy Honda Dirt Grands Champion, while Kyle Schuett was named the 2008 Heavy B Dirt Grands Champion.  

Both Feger and Schuett won their respective championships using Hoosiers A40A compound. 

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. would like to congratulate all the winners at the 2008 Dirt Grand Nationals and thank all the drivers who used the Hoosier brand throughout the week of racing.   

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