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Submitted by: Paula Nate
The Workshop is the 93rd produced by Racing Promotion Monthly since 1974.  More than 1300 track operators, their employees, and industry leaders attended last year's Workshop Series.  Racing Promotion Monthly, the idea newsletter of auto racing promoters, and the Workshops are produced with the year-round support of K&K Insurance Group, Inc. and Hoosier Racing Tire.  The 34th Workshop Series, in conjunction with Speedweek events, includes the kick off to the 2007 racing season.  Some racing events included the season starter ARCA race at Daytona International Speedway, with events at Volusia Raceway Park in Barberville, FL, a ˝ mile dirt track; New Smyrna Speedway in New Smyrna Beach, FL, a ˝ mile paved oval track; and East Bay Raceway Park in Tampa, FL, a 1/3 mile dirt oval track, all getting the racing season underway.
The three-day RPM Promoters Workshop combines educational sessions with a trade show.  More than 50 firms exhibit products or services used by promoters. The informality of the Workshop encourages non-stop mingling between exhibitors and attendees, as attendees mix educational opportunities with “shopping.”  Many promoters come to the Workshops prepared to do a season’s buying, others watch for new products, suppliers, and services. 
Irish Saunders, Manager of Contract Tire Sales for Hoosier Racing Tire, gave some opening remarks February 12, 2007 as the meetings got underway. “The RPM Workshops are designed to help you make your business operate more efficiently on every level.  Hoosier Racing Tire recognizes that every aspect of this business benefits our efforts at Hoosier Racing Tire, and that is why we continue with our support of the Workshops and of you.  We’ve been a sponsor of these workshops for over twelve years, and it has helped us build a lifetime of relationships that have assisted Hoosier Racing Tire in reaching goals beyond the vision that Bob Newton had for a small racing tire company over 50 years ago.  Our corporate staff and all of our distributors realize that without those industry-wide relationships, we would not be able to continue and to move forward.  It is one of our top priorities to maintain all of our existing relationships, and continue building new ones.  Our track record speaks for itself, as we continue to build partnerships with nearly every sanctioning body throughout North America, and a multitude of racetracks nationwide.  Hoosier Racing Tire is proud to be a part  of this wonderful industry, and looks forward to many years to come.”
The goal of these workshops are to share ideas and suggestions to help everyone capitalize on their business.  Sharing ideas in seminars is a wonderful learning arena.  Another Hoosier Racing Tire speaker this year was Hoosier Tire Canada’s Nancy and Erica Bicknell.  They spoke about a very different angle that worked for their 3/8 dirt oval racetrack at Merrittville Speedway in Thorold, Canada.  Nancy shared one “Weird Out There Idea” of lowering your gate / ticket prices.  “Today’s world has a decreasing expendable income.  People need to get a bang for their buck,” said Nancy.  “We’ve lowered our gate / ticket price from $13 per person to $10 per person, and offered family packages.  This has increased sales in our concession and vending areas.  We work hard to keep the kids involved; they are the future of our sport.  We have done things like bike night, autograph sessions, dog contests, and so on. “  Nancy reminded us that it’s important to keep things on schedule. “ If you have stands full of kids, and adults that need to get up the next morning, you want to let them enjoy the finish of the race by getting the events done in a timely fashion.  Another angle that Nancy didn’t want us to forget was the drivers.  “We must find ways to make racing affordable, and it is possible.  More drivers equal more fans.”
The workshops were filled with representatives from all venues that pertain to racing.  From attractions, apparel, audio video, computer software, fuel, insurance, lighting systems, publications and printing, safety equipment, sanctioning groups, and let’s not forget - tire manufacturers.  They all were ready to get the racing season off and rolling.
For more information about Racing Promotion Monthly (RPM), check out www.racingpromotionmonthly.net
Hoosier Racing Tire is proud to be a partner in presenting the Racing Promotion Monthly.


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