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DUT students celebrate setting a new world record for acceleration on Hoosier racing tires.VALKENBURG, NETHERLANDS (September 20, 2013) -- Recently, students from Delft University of Technology gathered at Valkenburg airport in an attempt to set a new world record for acceleration in an electric car.

Using last year's DUT12 FSAE vehicle, the team put their lightest driver, Marly Kuijpers, behind the wheel to pilot the 4WD Hoosier-shod rocket ship. 

The team was trying to better the previous record of 2.68 seconds to reach 100 km/h (62 mph). 

Due to the cool conditions and since the run was expected to be less than three seconds, the team determined it necessary to pre-warm their tires.

After all the preparation, the team was finally ready to make their record-setting attempt in the 320 lb. electric race car. 

The students were pretty confident they could surpass the 2.68 second record, but when the time was announced the team could hardly believe it.

Their time was an astounding 2.15 seconds in reaching the 100 km/h speed. By comparison, the Tesla Model S electric car available to the public can go 0-60 (mph) in a scant 4.2 seconds.

You can view the record-setting run on YouTube by clicking here.

It is through efforts such as this that the world may be able to find a viable option over fossil fuels...and maybe have a bit of fun doing it.

Hoosier Racing Tire congratulates the students from Delft University of Technology on their world record achievement while riding on Hoosier racing tires.  


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