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LAKEVILLE, IN (February 5) --Sunny Florida provided the perfect setting for the first Hoosier Drag Racing Test of 2003. Hoosier's product development team joined championship racers Mitch Stott (Pro-Mod), David Rampy (Comp), and Antron Brown (Pro-Stock Bike) for three days of intense product testing at Bradenton Motorsports Park. In the end, several firsts were made including an unofficial world record.

The track was in perfect shape on Tuesday as Stott and Brown took to the track for shake down runs. The runs not only helped establish a proper setup for the conditions, they also set a baseline for current production tires. From there, each driver bolted on several sets of experimental tires.

The first member of the Hoosier test team to break the starting line beams was Pro-Stock Bike favorite Antron Brown. Brown brought his Suzuki GSXR1100 and bolted on Hoosier rubber for the first time in class history. Although Hoosier has long produced a 26x10-15 tire suitable in size for the class, a special compound and construction combination had to be developed. In all, 10 runs were made and plenty of valuable information was gained.

"We were not expecting magic numbers in our first attempt." Said Hoosier Product Manager Faron Lubbers. "We hoped to draw on Antron and Crew Chief Mark Peiser's experience to gain a better understanding of the bike's needs in a tire. From that standpoint, it was a resounding success. We are even more prepared to build the best Pro-Stock Bike tire in the near future."

The second driver on the Hoosier test card for Tuesday was IHRA Pro-Modified Champion Mitch Stott. Despite dominating the Pro-Mod class for much of the 2002 season, Hoosier and Stott felt that more testing was necessary to maintain their winning combination.

"Mitch is the perfect test driver." Said Lubbers. "His car is always meticulously prepped, and he understands what our goals are for the test. With Jimmy Rector turning the wrenches, we could not have asked for a better combination to continue our development."

Stott brought his winning 1963 Corvette to Bradenton. After setting a baseline with Hoosier's current production, the Mill Spring, North Carolina driver completed tests on several different sets of tires. In the end, the current 34.5x17-16 C2000 production tire reigned supreme. However, one of the test sets may appear later this summer.

"After Mitch completed his run on the second test set, he told us that, although the tires were wrong for a blown car, they felt perfect for the nitrous-injected car he used to run." Recalled Product Manager Steve Hudspeth. "We will definitely be exploring this possibility in the near future."

David Rampy, a 45-time national event winner, missed Tuesday's test session as he and Crew Chief Barry Davis were working feverishly in their Piedmont, Alabama shop to install a new engine. Following an all-night drive to Bradenton, the Winnebago team hit the track first on Wednesday in search of the perfect setup for Hoosier's new Competition Eliminator tire. On the final run, Rampy found the right combination and powered his Bantam Roadster to the quickest A/EA run in history, a 7.28 second blast.

"Our focus was making suspension changes to optimize Hoosier’s new 33x12-15 Comp Tire.” Stated Rampy. “We kept getting closer, then on the final run, we adjusted the four-link and changed the air pressure, and the car came to life. It launched hard, but the run was so smooth, I didn’t expect those kind of numbers."

The 7.28 second pass is believed to be the first ever A/EA pass in the 20’s. Based on the 8.03 index for the class, Rampy's unofficial national record run was .743 seconds under. Hoosier Product Manager Faron Lubbers believes the test is a step in the right direction for the new season.

"We really want to attack Competition Eliminator this year." Said Lubbers. "We asked David to join our test here and the results were incredible. Although it took a few passes to find the proper suspension combination, the numbers show real potential. We could not have made this much progress without David, Crew Chief Barry Davis, and engine builder Alan Patterson. They are an integral part of our Hoosier team."

Rampy hopes to turn his new testing combination into a Comp win at the first NHRA National Event in Pomona, California, February 6th –9th.

Overall, the first test of Hoosier's new products for 2003 was a resounding success. With another step completed in the development of a Competition Eliminator tire, and a better understanding of the needs of a Pro-Stock Bike, look for Hoosier Racing Tire to continue to expand it's success in the New Year.


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