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Kelly Earnhardt win Women on Wheels division at San Antonio Speedway.SAN ANTONIO, TX -- Kelly Earnhardt, who competes in the Women on Wheels division at San Antonio Speedway, won the division championship for 2004. The new division ran exclusively on Hoosier 27.0/7.0-15 790 tires as did the Roadrunner class at the 1/2-mile facility managed by Mike Sepich. Earnhardt claimed the first-ever Women on Wheels championship competing on Hoosier tires. The track is supplied by Hoosier Tire Southwest in Balch Springs, TX, while Hoosier's Terry Newton manages the Oval Track Asphalt tire line from Hoosier headquarters located in Lakeville, IN. For more information about Hoosier tires at your local track contact your nearest Hoosier Tire Distributor. 


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