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Hoosier Racing Tire, in cooperation with the FASTRAK Racing Series, is proud to release the details of the 2010 FASTRAK tire program. Beginning in mid-February, Hoosier will release the first production run of new FASTRAK-plated tires.

“I know this announcement is coming later than both Hoosier or FASTRAK would have liked,” stated Hoosier Product Manager Shanon Rush. “But you only get one chance to start off a new relationship. Stan and I agonized over the details many times to try and satisfy all of the FASTRAK regions and drivers. Although it took two separate tests and many phone calls, I think we have finally found the tires we were looking for.”

Hoosier will produce two sizes for the FASTRAK Racing Series, the 88.0/11.0-15 and the 92.0/11.0-15. Normally utilized as a left rear tire, the target rollout for the 88 inch tire will be roughly 87 to 88 inches. The catalog number will be 36608 with a size description of 88.0/11.0-15 LSB. It will be available in the FT200 and FT400 compounds.

The 92 inch tire, generally a front and right rear tire, will be spec number 36628 with a size designation of 92.0/11.0-15 LSB. Three compounds will be available including the FT200, FT400, and FT600. The target measurement of the 92.0/11.0 will be 91 to 92 inches.

The three FASTRAK compounds, FT200, FT400 and FT600, were chosen with durability and versatility in mind. The FT200 should durometer in the 45 range while the FT400 fills the 55 durometer range needs. Finally, the FT600 will be the fail-safe, right rear only compound with a 65 durometer range.

“I can’t express how much FASTRAK as a company and me personally appreciate the tireless efforts everyone at Hoosier has put into this process.” stated FASTRAK CEO/Founder Stan Lester. “Our originally planned day two of tire testing was “snowed out”, and with the holiday season thereafter, it delayed the decision making process. In the end, we have come up with an incredible product that is durable, fast, and easy to drive. Tracks and teams are calling wanting to know when tires will be ready. This year is developing into what I think will be the most exciting year FASTRAK has seen to date.”

For more information or specific questions on the new FASTRAK tires, please feel free to contact your nearest Hoosier Racing Tire Distributor. A complete list of Hoosier Distributors can be found on our website, www.hoosiertire.com. For all the latest news on the FASTRAK Racing Series, please visit their website at www.fastrakracing.com


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