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Team-Hoosier driver Terry McCarl in victory lane on Friday night at East Bay Raceway Park. (Photo courtesy of Allan Holland and www.hoseheads.com)TAMPA, FL (February 13) -- Friday turned out to be the third and final night of racing in the 28th Annual 410 Sprint Winternationals at East Bay Raceway Park when rain forced the cancellation of Saturday's finale. On Friday, Terry McCarl (photo) won for the second night in a row giving the Hoosier tire brand its third consecutive win at the 1/3-mile track. Couple the three wins at East Bay with the four wins at Volusia Speedway Park earlier in the week and Team-Hoosier went undefeated in the 2004 Florida Speedweeks for 410 sprint cars. Amazingly, the Hoosier brand has not been defeated during Speedweeks competition the past three consecutive years. Also of note on Friday, Kevin Swindell won his first-ever Mini Sprint race in dramatic fashion. Swindell, the 14-year-old son of World of Outlaws star Sammy Swindell, charged from his 25th starting spot to make a final-lap pass to capture the exciting win. Swindell won the 20-lap race riding on Hoosier tires.

Thirty-three cars took turns posting qualifying times Friday evening with 32 drivers opting to compete on Hoosier tires. Joey Saldana set fast time of the night at 12.648 seconds followed closely by Danny Smith at 12.686 seconds. Craig Dollansky, Terry McCarl and Lance Dewease rounded out the top five in qualifying as Hoosier-shod drivers posted the 24 fastest times.

All four heat races were also won by drivers riding atop the Hoosier brand including Shane Stewart, Nick Naber, Jeremy Campbell and John VanDenBerg.

In the 25-lap feature, Terry McCarl riding on a pair of Hoosier RD12's, fought off both Craig Dollansky and Sammy Swindell in the final laps to capture his second win in as many nights. The final five laps had three caution flags which had McCarl defending the top spot as the trio crossed the line together with McCarl escaping with the win and Dollansky (RD12 left rear/RD12 right rear) and Swindell (RD12/D12) settling for second and third, respectively.

Jeff Shepard (D12/D12), Daryn Pittman (D12/D12), Greg Wilson (D12/D12), Danny Smith, Jim Nier, Shane Stewart and Jeremy Campbell rounded out the top ten. All 26 feature starters rode on Hoosier tires.

The win was the third in as many nights at East Bay. With rain forcing the cancellation of Saturday's finale, Team-Hoosier claims its third consecutive undefeated Speedweek with a 7-0 record.

The compound combination information for the top six finishers was provided by Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic's Randy Glover.



Kevin Swindell is joined by his father Sammy after chargin from 25th place to win the 20-lap feature at East Bay Friday night. (Photo courtesy of Allan Holland and www.hoseheads.com)TAMPA, FL (February 13) --  Thirty-three Florida Mini Sprints were also in competition on the East Bay 1/3-mile track. In the 20-lap feature, Kevin Swindell started 25th in the 26-car field en route to capturing his first-ever Mini Sprint win. Swindell masterfully picked off car after car until just Terry Monroe was left. Swindell then passed Monroe in the first turn of the final lap to collect the win. Monroe settled for second place followed by Harold Matthews, Matt Ebarb and Ryan Greth. Swindell's charge to the victory from the last row was accomplished using a Hoosier RD12 compound on his right rear position of his race car.   


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