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Chris Fristoe leaning on his Hoosier race tires en route to the perfect weekend. (Photo courtesy of www.stevenaceracing.com and Angie Fields)DUQUOIN, IL (January 12, 2008) -- For Chris "Frito" Fristoe, it was the perfect day of racing. The 32-year-old ATV racer decided a change was in order for the 2008 racing season. The changes included a switch to a set of brand new Hoosier racing tires purchased at the DuQuoin (IL) indoor race track. The results were no less than perfect--eight races and eight wins. 

The Hickory, KY driver bolted on a pair of Hoosier 57.0/6.0-10 D10 fronts and 59.0/10.0-10 RD12 rears on his 2007 Honda TRX 450. (View Specs)

Fristoe, a 250A champion in 2007, was competing in the Tri Track and Short Track events in both the Open Quad and Open Pro/Am Quad classes. Each of the four event/classes consisted of two motos. 

When the racing was over, Fristoe had won all eight races defeating no less than nine other drivers in each event. 

The perfect weekend. Every racer hopes for one, but few ever achieve it. 

Maybe Hoosier tires can help you achieve perfection just like Chris Fristoe.    

The following race weekend (2/2) Fristoe remained on fire capturing six (of eight) wins including four feature wins. Not quite perfection, but pretty darn close.

Fristoe, who has been racing for 17 years, purchased his race-winning Hoosier tires from Tim Baker of Hoosier Tire Midwest.

After two events, Fristoe told Baker he sold all his tires from his old tire brand convinced that the Hoosiers are better. 

Hoosier ATV product manager Neil Cowman commented, "We're elated with the results Chris had at DuQuoin. We are also very excited this year with the new products we will be introducing in the near future for the ATV market."

For more information about Hoosier ATV tires you can contact Neil Cowman via e-mail at ncowman@hoosiertire.com or by calling 574-784-3152.    


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