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Oregon State University (part of Global Formula Racing) captured the annual FSAE competition in Michigan last week on Hoosier racing tires! (photo courtesy of www.sae.org)BROOKLYN, MI (May 12-14, 2011) -- International collaboration may be a developing theme among teams competing in the annual Formula SAE event in Michigan.

Once again this year, students from Oregon State University teamed up with students from Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurrttemberg-Ravensburg in Germany as part of Global Formula Racing (GFR) to dominate this year's Formula SAE competition at Michigan International Speedway. 

GFR again used Hoosier's 6.0/18.0-10 LC0 tires to carry them to the overall win in this year's prestigious event. In fact, the top seven overall finishing teams rode on the Hoosier tire brand.  

The two schools have worked together on various aspects of vehicle design the past four years. The first two years the schools each built their own car. But last year they co-produced a single car to compete in both the U.S. and the European competitions. 

For the second consecutive year, Global Formula Racing emerged the overall Formula SAE winner.

More than 125 teams were registered for the competition with 99 of them bringing a working vehicle to the event. Of those 99 cars on hand, 66 of them opted to run on Hoosier tires. 

Unlike previous years, Hoosier was also the only tire manufacturer on hand to provide mounting and balancing service to the competitors at this year's annual event. 

Once again, teams came from all over the globe to compete. Teams came from as far away as Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and Venezuela.

Formula SAE is an international student design contest organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers with more than 1000 engineering students participating over a three-day period. 

The Formula SAE competition challenges students to conceive, design, fabricate, and compete with small formula-style race cars. Restrictions on the car frame and engine are limited so the knowledge, creativity, and imagination of the students are challenged. 

The cars are built with a team effort over a period of about one year and are taken to the annual competition for judging and comparison with other vehicles from colleges and universities throughout the world. 

The end result is a great experience for young engineers in a meaningful engineering project as well as the opportunity of working in a dedicated team effort.

The vehicles are judged and receive points in eight different categories including; cost, presentation, design, acceleration, skid pad, autocross, endurance and economy. 

The Formula SAE board sets the parameters for each category and gives team points according to their performance and design. At the end of the event, the team with the most points wins the overall competition.

The competition has become so popular that, in addition to the two Formula SAE events in the United States, competitions are now being held all over the globe. 

After graduation, many of the participants will go on to work in the automotive field in various capacities using many of the skills acquired through their involvement with Formula SAE. 

The annual event has also become a valuable recruiting tool of many top companies seeking out the world's best engineers who, through their Formula SAE participation, possess real-world skills.     

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. has been participating in the annual event since the early 90's. 

Hoosier offers price discounts on all Formula SAE tires to all the competing teams.  

In addition to price discounts, the top three finishing teams in the Autocross competition were awarded free tires. 

Hoosier Road Racing Product Manager Jeff Speer, once again, attended the annual event to provide his product expertise to the competing teams. Trackside sales and service was provided by Terry Gilvin of Hoosier Tire Midwest-Plymouth. 

Speer stated, "We (Hoosier) have been involved with Formula SAE competition for more than 15 years now. We realize the importance of supporting the teams with tire information, product discounts and trackside service."

"Our goal is to provide each team with a safe, competitive, and reasonably priced race tire for them to build their race car on," Speer added. 

"We are very proud of all the teams who made the decision to use Hoosier race tires in this year's Formula SAE competition." 

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. congratulates Global Formula Racing on their back-to-back wins and offers its thanks to all the teams participating in this year's event who competed on Hoosier's "Tires Designed for Champions." 

For more information about Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. and Hoosier products visit www.hoosiertire.com.

You can learn more about the annual competition by visiting http://students.sae.org/competitions/formulaseries/


1st Global Formula Racing Hoosier
2nd Tech. Univ. of Munich Hoosier
3rd Univ. of Stuttgart Hoosier
4th Graz Univ. of Technology Hoosier
5th Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison Hoosier
6th Univ. of Michigan - Ann Arbor Hoosier
7th Univ. of Applied Sciences - Zwickau Hoosier
8th Univ. of Akron Goodyear
9th Univ. of Kansas - Lawrence Goodyear
10th Univ. of Applied Sciences - Graz Hoosier



2011 Global Formula Racing Hoosier
2010 Global Formula Racing Hoosier
2009 Graz Univ. of Technology Hoosier
2008 University of Western Australia Goodyear
2007 University of Wisconsin Goodyear
2006 RMIT University Hoosier
2005 Cornell University Hoosier
2004 Cornell University Hoosier
2003 University of Wollongong Hoosier
2002 Cornell University Hoosier
2001 Cornell University Hoosier
2000 Texas A&M University Hoosier


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