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Eventual race winner, Adolfo Castillo GUATEMALA (March 16) -- Sure, Hoosier Tire finishing 1-2-3 in the United States is nothing new. In fact, Team-Hoosier did it 71 times in 96 World of Outlaws races last year alone. But now, the purple tire brand is stretching its tentacles beyond the U.S. borders into areas where the Hoosier name is lesser known. Late last year, the decision was made by Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. to begin selling directly to international customers from their corporate headquarters. The goal was to offer the same high quality race tires that had been available domestically for decades to racers throughout the world. One of those places Team-Hoosier has gained a foothold is Guatemala. This past weekend was the first of seven races where Hoosier tires have found a home internationally. When the checkered flag dropped, Hoosier tires were on the cars of each driver standing on the podium in the SP-Formula Jaguar. Adolfo Castillo finished first in the class followed by Julio Quevedo, Jr. in second and Jorge Signoret in third for the first podium sweep of the season for Team-Hoosier in Guatemala.

Hoosier tires are now available in Guatemala from Hoosier Distributor Alejandro Samayoa (Tel: 00+502-473-1190). Thanks to Alejandro who provided the details for this report. 

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1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Race winner Adolfo Castillo

Runner-up finisher, Julio Quevedo, Jr.

Third place finisher, Jorge Signoret


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