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Ray Li driving the Team Carrera Motorsports #10 on Hoosiers in Hong Kong HONG KONG (July 31-August 1) -- Team Hoosier continues to add more members to its roster with impressive results. In the Supercar Challenge Series in Hong Kong and China, Team Carrera Motorsports surprised the competition winning rounds three and four driving on Hoosier's new R3S04 tires. We are told that two other major tire company's engineers were very interested in getting a closer look at the winning Hoosiers--so much so, they took pictures of them. The photo to the right is of Ray Li, who represented Team Carrera Motorsports in purchasing the team's tires to outfit their Porsches. Li informs us that their next race is scheduled for the end of October and will decide the overall series champion--which just might be on Hoosiers!

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. wishes to thank Ray Li and the entire Team Carrera Motorsports organization for placing their trust in Hoosier tires. 

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