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Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic and Precise Racing Products are proud to announce a new Driver Rewards Program for E-mod competitors in the Ohio, Western NY, and Pennsylvania region. HTMA/Precise has posted a guaranteed minimum $11,500 cash point fund plus tire/product contingencies that will be paid directly to our teams in this competitive area for the 2012 racing season.  

“We definitely felt it was time to get back to rewarding the racers for their support of our Hoosier product,” stated HTMA/Precise General Manager Bob Wirts. “We needed to develop a simple, performance-based reward system. If the drivers get rewarded, so will the racetracks, with higher and more consistent car counts. We also wanted to limit the amount of change required to continue racing in these difficult economic times.”  

For 2012, HTMA/Precise will provide a minimum $11,500 cash point fund to the E-mod racers at HTMA Regional tracks utilizing a traditional 8 inch, open competition tire rule. Any E-mod competitor utilizing Hoosier Tires exclusively will be eligible for the program. There will be no additional fees to the tracks or competitors to participate.  

Finishing orders from weekly events will be submitted by the track to the HTMA/Precise Driver Reward Program Administrator and points will be kept. Final point standings will be based on a driver’s top finishes with a bonus point structure based on car count. The top 15 in final points will be rewarded with their share of a guaranteed minimum $11,500 point fund. 

“We are pleased to announce that four tracks and one series have already signed on to support the program,” continued Mr. Wirts. “Hoosier-shod competitors at Eriez Speedway, Sharon Speedway, Raceway 7, Roaring Knob, and the UEMS Series events will all be eligible for rewards. We would especially like to thank Applebee Motorsports and Wedge Motorsports for their contributions thus far. We hope to add more tracks, drivers, and contingency awards to the program soon.”

If you would like your track to be part of the HTMA/Precise Driver Rewards Program, please contact Bob Wirts via e-mail to bob@hoosiermidatlantic.com or visit their website at www.hoosiermidatlantic.com.


*** Guaranteed Point Fund as of 2/9/12***

1                        2,000
 2                        1,000 
 3                          875  
 4                          775  
5                          750 
   6                          725    
  7                          700   
  8                          675   
     9                          650      
10                          625   
 11                          600    
    12                          575       
13                          550   
14                          525   
     15                          500        


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