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All-Hoosier Super Rod final with Steve Hoyt facing John Vineyard (foreground). (Photo courtesy of www.competitionplus.com)GRAND BEND, ONTARIO CANADA (June 11-13) -- The Hooters IHRA Drag Racing Series made its first (of three) stops in Canada last week with nine drivers being carried into their respective class finals on Hoosier tires at the 5th annual IHRA Mopar Parts Canadian Nationals. Of the nine Hoosier-shod drivers in the finals, five came away winners. Ironically, the only time a member of Team Hoosier did not win in the finals was when they were facing another Hoosier-shod car. Those drivers battling their way to the finals included Mark Thomas and Rob Atchison in Alcohol Funny Car. In Top Sportsman, it was the only event final with just one Hoosier-shod competitor with Gary Wojnowski looking for the win. In Top Dragster, Marco Abruzzi and Scott Winkleman both were finalists on Hoosiers. In Quick Rod, Ron Folk and Steve Hoyt were the two remaining pilots in the class. Hoyt was looking to double-up on the weekend when he also made it into the finals in Super Rod (photo) against John Vineyard who also competes on the Hoosier brand. It was the series' fourth event of the year on its 12-race schedule. 

In Alcohol Funny Car, it was the highly anticipated pairing of 5-time World Champion Mark Thomas and current World Champion and hometown hero Rob Atchison. This one was over early, however, when Atchison left early (red lighting) handing the victory to Thomas. It was the fourth consecutive win for Thomas this year. Both drivers run exclusively on Hoosier tires.

Top Sportsman was the only final of the event where a Hoosier-shod winner was not guaranteed with only one finalist competing on Hoosiers. Gary Wojnowski did not disappoint, however, defeating his opponent in his Chevy Monte Carlo with a pass of 7.357 seconds (182.88 mph).

In Top Dragster, Marco Abruzzi and Scott Winkleman locked horns in the final round to determine a winner. Abruzzi, in a brand new car, defeated Winkleman with a 7.665 second (171.36 mph) run.  

In the Quick Rod final, Steve Hoyt and Ron Folk would line up to determine a winner. Hoyt took the win with a run of 8.925 seconds (166.26 mph).

Steve Hoyt was looking to become a double winner on the weekend with his appearance in the Super Rod final against the Hoosier-shod car of John Vineyard. A double was not in the cards this time though with Vineyard, in a Ford Roadster, taking the win over Hoyt driving a Chevy Corvette. Vineyard posted the win with a 9.910 time and a speed of 153.11 mph.

Overall, it was a very successful event for Team Hoosier with nine finalists and five winners.

The event was serviced by Hoosier Tire Canada (HTC). Ron McKay of HTC provided the details used in this report.

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. would like to thank all the teams and drivers trusting the Hoosier brand at the 5th annual IHRA Mopar Parts Canadian Nationals.


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