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Jimmy RectorNORWALK, OH (August 22-25) -- Team-Hoosier placed nine drivers in the final round at the 25th Annual Sunoco World Nationals at Norwalk Raceway park in Ohio over the weekend. Hoosier tires were used in seven of the eleven class finals in which Hoosier competes. In Funny Car, it was a pair of Hoosier-shod drivers battling it out to determine a winner when Jimmy Rector met Mark Thomas, while in the other "all-Hoosier" final, it was John Furr and Ron Folk meeting in the Quick Rod final. Others making it to their respective class finals were: Marco Abruzzi, NOS Top Sportsman; Jim Prevo, Top Dragster; Wes Buckley, Stock; Nick Folk, Super Rod; and Matt Morgan, Top Stock.

In Funny Car, Jimmy Rector got a bug jump at the light with a .450 RT to Mark Thomas' .527 RT. Rector followed that up with a 5.844 ET (239.19 mph) to Thomas' 6.035 ET (233.72 mph) to take the Iron Man win. Both competitors made it to the final contest while using Hoosier's 34.5/17.0-16 C2000 drag tires. Additionally, in the Funny Car class, Dale Brand on Hoosiers had low ET of the event with a 5.799 second blast and a speed of 241.90 mph. 

In the second "all-Hoosier" final, John Furr met Ron Folk in Quick Rod. This was a close one. Furr using a pair of Hoosier's 33.0/16.5-15S C07 tires got a slim advantage at the light with a .409 RT over Folk's .435 RT. Folk, using set of Hoosier's 33.5/17.0-16 C06 tires, posted the quicker ET of 8.947 seconds to Furr's 8.962 ET. But it wasn't quite enough with Furr taking the win by roughly three feet.

In Super Rod, a Hoosier-shod winner was not as certain as in the Funny Car and Quick Rod finals because only one of the two competitors rode on Hoosier tires. Nick Folk, son of Quick Rod finalist Ron Folk, posted a nearly perfect light of .402 RT to get the early advantage over his opponent. He then backed that up with a 9.940 ET on the 9.90 index to take the win. and giving Team-Hoosier a third class win. Folk used a pair of Hoosier 33.0/16.0-15 C07 drag tires en route to capturing the Super Rod final.

In Top Stock, Matt Morgan won after his opponent broke in the final round. Morgan would have been hard to beat anyway given his earlier runs. Morgan, driving a '69 Camaro, used a pair of Hoosier 9.0/30.0-15 C07 radial drag tires in capturing the Top Stock win. Morgan had a .551 RT coupled with a 10.153 ET (130.62 mph) in the finals. 

Marco Abruzzi in Top Sportsman, Jim Prevo in Top Dragster, and Wes Buckley in Stock settled for runner-up honors in their class finals. 

Hoosier Drag Racing Product Manager Faron Lubbers attended the event in Norwalk had this to say about the weekend. "All in all, it was another very good weekend for the Hoosier brand." Lubbers added, "We had a presence in seven of eleven finals and four class wins, not too bad overall as we head to New Hampshire and the 7th Annual North American Nationals."

Congratulations to all the competitors at this past weekend's event, particularly those trusting the Hoosier brand during the competition.


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