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Record setting run made by Robert Paul of Indonesia on Hoosier drag tires.SENTUL, INDONESIA (October 2, 2005) -- After setting a new Indonesian 1/8th-mile record in August using Hoosier 33.0/15.0-15 D05 (18370) drag tires, Robert Paul set his sights on breaking the country's 1/4-mile record. 

Robert consulted with Hoosier Product Manager Faron Lubbers' and opted, this time, to attempt his record-breaking run using a pair of Hoosier 33.0/16.0-15 D05 (18400) drag tires. 

Thankfully, the massive Hoosier slicks arrived via DHL Express just days before the competition. 

Robert's record-setting pass came while driving a 1974 Holden Torana with a time of 9.278 seconds breaking the old mark of 9.342 seconds in the 1/4-mile. The car is powered by a 494ci Big Block Chevy wrenched by Mike Trahar of Mike's Dyno Tuning. 

Never one to rest on his past accomplishments, Robert has now set his goal to become the first driver in Indonesia to make an 8-second pass. The combination of car, driver and Hoosier drag slicks has proven to be a winning combination and based on Robert's recent achievements, we are hopeful he will reach his new goal. 

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. is extremely proud to have played a part in Robert's two record-setting runs.    


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