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Indonesia 201 meter record set on Hoosier drag slicks.JAKARTA, INDONESIA (August 6, 2005) -- Another record was set recently on Hoosier tires. While that isn't something new. What is new, is this one came in Jakarta, Indonesia. Robert Paul, from Jakarta, reports he set a new Indonesian 201 meter (1/8th mile) record using Hoosier drag slicks at a recent competition. Robert used Hoosier 33.0/15.0-15 D05 (18370D05) slicks in setting the record time of 6.318 seconds smashing the old time of 6.6 seconds. 

Mike Trahar of Melbourne, Australia is the mechanic of the 1974 Holden Torana that set the new mark. The record time was even more impressive given the fact that the record holder from Japan was brought in for the competition. But Robert and his Hoosier-equipped car would not be denied a place in the record books. 

Robert also tells us they will be attempting to set a new National 402 meter (1/4-mile) record of 9.3 seconds this weekend. Whatever the result, Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. is proud of the accomplishments they have achieved while using Hoosier racing tires. 

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