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Hoosier Tire Midwest provided trackside sales and service for the 2008 June Sprints.June 23, 2008 Elkhart Lake, WI On what had turned out to be a beautiful weekend the 53rd Annual Piggly Wiggly, Chicago Region, SCCA, June Sprints were held on the spectacular 4.2 mile rolling, twisting, turning Road American Road Course, showcase some of the best SCCA Club racers in North America.  

Hoosier Racing Tire was there to support and service over half of all race entries. Servicing done by Hoosier Tire Midwest, out of Plymouth , Indiana was performed in a timely, organized and effective fashion.  Hoosier Racing Tire corporate also added valuable engineering and technical service.

All together there were four hundred and forty-six cars making the grid, divided into 9 total races, and a total of thirty classes. Hoosier shod drivers dominated the podium all weekend with the highlight being 5 podium sweeps in the 8 race groups that Hoosier drivers contended.  

June 21, 2008, Race 1: T1, T2, AS, BP, and DP
Touring 1 (T1)- Hoosier monopolizes the podium with John Buttermore coming in first, followed by Jim Lynch and third place Chris Ingle.

Touring 2 (T2)- Hoosier scores a first place win with David MacNeil and third place with Andy Wolverton.

American Sedan (AS)- Hoosier rounds out the top three spots of the podium with Andy McDermid on top, followed by Rich Jones and Fred Heatherwick.

D Prepared (DP)- Hoosier receives second place with the driving skills of Ron Pawley.

The second race of the day, Race 2:
C Sports Racer (CSR)- Brian French sets atop the podium followed closely by his son, James French in second place.

D Sports Racer (DSR)- Hoosier falls just short of rounding out the entire podium by capturing a second place with Jean-Luc Liverato and a third spot with Dorian Foyil.

Sports 2000 (S2)- Hoosier driver, Rob Sherwood fought a hard battle to finish third.

Formula Enterprises (FE)- Back in business Hoosier covering the entire podium with Mark Eaton in first place, Zack Ply in second and Nick Evens in third.

Race 3,
Touring 3 (T3)- Atop the podium was Bob Boileau with a first place finish.

Showroom Stock B (SSB)- Found the Hoosiers in second with Jeff Jensen and third with Ken Flory.

Showroom Stock C (SSC)- Joe McClughan captures first place.

And the final race of the day, Race 4:
Formula Mazda (FM)- Hoosier gets third with Justin Elder.

Formula Ford (FF)- Hoosier achieves a second with Scott Rubenizer and a third with Anthony Coello.

Sunday June 22, 2008, 10:45 a.m. once again found racing underway.  Race 5:
GT-Lites (GTL)- a fourth place with Jim Stinehelfer at the wheel. 

E Production (EP)- Tough crowd! Hoosier-shod driver, Ken Kannard picks up a third place podium.

H Production (HP)- After a long weekend, Chris Albin picks up the final podium spot

Race 7:
Grand Touring 2  (GT2)- Hoosier gets a third with Bryan Hunter.

Grand Touring 3  (GT3)- Hoosier gets a third with Henry Biesterfield.

Race 8:
Formula Atlantic (FA)- Hoosier sweeps the podium with David Grant in first, Keith Grant in second and Hans Peter in third.

Formula 1000 (FB)- Found Glenn Cooper atop the podium.

Formula Continental (FC)- Nikki Coello captured a first followed by Brian Bellardi in second place.

And the final race of the weekend, Race 9:
Formula 500 (F500)- Once again Hoosier sweeping the podium with Bob Giesen in first, Jeff Jorgensen in second and Bob Berman in third.

Formula Vee (FV)- Hoosier finishes the weekend with its 5th podium sweep. Brian McCarthy in first, Michael Varacins in second and Chris Jennerjahn rounding out the top three spots

Hoosier Racing Tires took a total of forty podium appearances over the two-day event twelve 1st place wins, twelve-second places, sixteen thirds, thirteen fourths, and fourteen fifth places.

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