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Steve Kirk sets a new record on Hoosier's new 33.0/10.5-15 C11 drag slicks. (Photo courtesy of Bret Kepner & www.dragracingonline.com))ROCKINGHAM, NC (September 16-17, 2006) -- Chalk up another record for drivers using the Hoosier brand. This time it was Steve Kirk competing in the American Drag Racing League's Eastern Race Fuels DRAGSTOCK III at Rockingham Raceway. Kirk, driving a 2000 Camaro mounted on Hoosier's new 33.0/10.5-15 C11 drag slicks etched his name into the record book by running the two quickest ET's and the top two speeds in the history of the Outlaw 10.5 class. Kirk's record setting times in the eighth-mile were 4.430 and 4.435 while eclipsing the 174 mph mark on both runs. Kirks' top speed was 174.62 mph. 

Contact your nearest Hoosier distributor to get your own record-setting Hoosier drag slicks. Ask for more information about the new 33.0/10.5-15 C11 drag slicks (Part #18331C11).  


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