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Fred Rahmer after winning Licoln Speedway's 2004 season opening Icebreaker 30. (Photo courtesy of Gordy " Bronco" Ziegler.)ABBOTTSTOWN, PA (February 21) -- Fred Rahmer survived not only the chilly weather but also the crash-filled "Icebreaker 30" to win the season-opening race at Lincoln Speedway. Rahmer, the track's 2nd winningest driver (123), was to have started the afternoon's 30-lap feature race in fifth, but a series of accidents which brought out multiple red flags propelled the Salfordsville, PA driver to the front row. From there, Rahmer led the entire race distance en route to claiming his 6th Lincoln Speedway opener of his career. Lincoln Speedway employs a Hoosier-only right rear tire-rule, but all 20 drivers who braved the cool temperatures Saturday had Hoosier tires on all four positions of their sprint cars. 

Lance Dewease, the 1993 winner of the season opener at Lincoln, won the first heat race, while Keith Kauffman, two-time winner of the first race of the season at Lincoln, captured the second 10-lap heat to set the grid for the 30-lap feature.

As sometimes occurs in the first race of the season, both man and machine have to shake off the cobwebs of idleness the off-season occasionally carries with it. Before the race had completed it's first official lap, three separate red flags were thrown for accidents both mechanical and man-made. Both heat winners, Lance Dewease and Keith Kauffman, were involved in race ending incidents which eventually placed fifth starting Fred Rahmer on the front row for the race's auspicious start.

With the already small field whittled even further, Rahmer led all 30-laps to collect the $3,000 win. Rahmer elected to run the 30-lap race using a pair of Hoosier D10's as did most of the combatants.

Finishing in second place was Cris Eash followed by Doug Eash, Donnie Kreitz and Mark Smith. Just nine of the 20 race starters were running at the end of the race. Rounding out the top nine were Niki Young in sixth followed by Eric Stambaugh, Brian Leppo and Sam Schulsberg.

Lincoln Speedway has weekly racing programs on Saturday featuring 410 sprint cars as their premier division. For more information about this race and Lincoln Speedway visit their new website at www.lincolnspeedway.com. Special thanks go out to Gordy "Bronco" Zeigler for submitting the photo used in this report.   


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