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Fred Rahmer after capturing the historic 50th Anniversary Show at Lincoln. (Photo courtesy of Allan Holland and hoseheads.com)ABBOTTSTOWN, PA (May 15) -- Fred Rahmer won the 50-lap 50th Anniversary Show at Lincoln Speedway to extend Team-Hoosier's record at the track to 10-0 on the season. It was Rahmer's 115th win at the historic facility that was celebrating 50 years of continuous racing. In keeping with the theme of the night, Rahmer collected $5,050 for the win. The Hoosier tire brand continued to dominate with the top 12 drivers crossing the finish line in the 50-lap feature riding Hoosier tires.

Twenty-nine cars were on hand for qualifying--26 of them used Hoosier tires. Impressively, the top 18 qualifying times were recorded by drivers on Hoosiers. Steve Seigel was the fastest qualifier at 13.467 seconds or 100.245 mph. Rounding out the list of top ten qualifiers were Lance Dewease, Greg Hodnett, Sean Michael, Brook Weibley, Keith Kauffman, Donnie Kreitz, Jr., Fred Rahmer, Doug Esh and Johnny Mackison in second through tenth, respectively.

All three preliminary 10-lap heat races were won by Hoosier-shod drivers. Todd Shaffer, Billy Pauch and Cris Eash each captured wins in their respective heats using a pair of Hoosier D10's. The B-main was yet another win for Team-Hoosier as Brook Weibley captured the 12-lap win also on a pair of D10's.

In the 50-lap feature, Keith Kauffman took the lead at the drop of the green flag. Kauffman led until lap 22, when he and Donnie Kreitz, Jr., who were running first and second at the time, tangled with the two spinning cars of Jerry Parrish and Mike Erdley. Kreitz was unable to continue while Kauffman was forced to rejoin the rear of the field on the restart.

Greg Hodnett was the beneficiary of the leader's misfortune and assumed the race lead. Hodnett, on a D12/D15 set-up, led until lap 37, when Fred Rahmer moved into the lead after passing Hodnett on the low side of the track in turn two. 

Rahmer, using a Hoosier RD12/D12 combination, then had to contend with Lance Dewease (on a D12/D15 set-up) the final ten circuits before taking the win by a slim .22 second margin. Ironically, Rahmer and Dewease swapped rides at the beginning of the season and neither driver has been slowed by the transition. The win was Rahmer's third of the season at Lincoln placing him one win ahead of Lance Dewease, Keith Kauffman and Greg Hodnett.

With the win, Rahmer collected $5,050. Dewease finished in second place followed by Greg Hodnett, Cris Eash, and Billy Pauch in third through fifth, respectively. Chris Knopp, Keith Kauffman, Brook Weibley, Todd Shaffer and Johnny Mackison rounded out the top ten.

Bobby Weaver and Mark Smith finished eleventh and twelfth giving Team-Hoosier claim to the top 12 spots in the night's 50-lap feature.

Hoosier Open Wheel Dirt Product Manager Neil Cowman attended the event and reported the details for this report. Cowman also commented, "A 50-lap race is a marathon compared to the usual 25-35 lap races we normally see run. This was a good opportunity for me to see our tires perform under longer race conditions." 

Cowman added, "This is my old stomping ground. I grew up around here and spent a lot of time at Lincoln Speedway. It was great to be here for this historic event and get a chance to talk to several of my 'old' racing buddies."

Cowman will remain in the Pennsylvania area to attend both nights of Outlaw competition at Williams Grove Speedway on Thursday and Friday, as well as, the one-night program at Hagerstown, MD on Saturday. 


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