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Thailand's Scott Chen (left) presents a commemorative model to JOB (right) for eclipsing the 10-second barrier on Hoosier drag slicks. Also in the photo is JOB's father-in-law. BANGKOK, THAILAND -- Records around the world continue to be broken by drivers using the Hoosier brand. Hoosier's Scott Chen (left) in Thailand reports that Vijarn Wongsomboon (right) of Montri Diesel Thailand Racing Team became the first driver of a diesel engine powered vehicle to break the 10-second barrier using Hoosier 28.0x10.5-15 drag slicks. 

The 22-year-old driver of the diesel-powered Chevrolet truck, or "Job" as he is known as, was presented a commemorative drag racing model in recognition of the historic feat. Joining Chen and Job in the ceremony was Montri Diesel team owner Montri Narknaka (center) who has more than 20 years of experience tuning diesel powered vehicles.

Prior to the milestone run, the fastest time by a diesel-powered vehicle was 10.20 seconds in the quarter mile. That is, until Job bolted on a set of Hoosier drag slicks.  

Commemorative model presented to driver in Thailand breaking the 10-second barrier.After using the Hoosier brand and coming close (10.007 seconds) to breaking the 10.0 barrier, Job surprisingly opted to switch to another tire brand. The decision, however, resulted in his times slowing into the 10.3-10.5 range.

Job quickly returned to the Hoosier brand and, after reconditioning his motor, set a personal best of 10.003 seconds and then went on to post an eye-popping run of 9.8 seconds and becoming the first diesel-powered vehicle in Thailand to crack the 10-second barrier.

Hoosier Racing Tire congratulates Vijarn Wongsomboon on his historic achievement while racing on our products.

Hoosier Racing Tire would also like to recognize the hard work Scott Chen puts in at the race track each week in Thailand promoting the Hoosier brand. 


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