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Click here to go to www.nasaproracing.com.LAKEVILLE, IN (March 17, 2009) --  Hoosier Racing Tire is pleased to announce that it will again offer a generous contingency program to NASA members in 2009.

"The decision to launch a Hoosier Racing Tire contingency program for NASA in 2008 instantly paid big dividends by generating tons of support from NASA competitors. Hoosier shod drivers dominated in the open tire classes at the 2008 NASA Nationals resulting in 16 out of 18 possible championships," said Bruce Foss, Hoosier Racing Tire Road Racing Product Manager. 

Foss added, "The continuation and expansion of the NASA contingency program for 2009 is a logical progression. We look forward to the exciting and successful benefits for Hoosier Racing Tire and competitors using the Hoosier brand." 

To assure that NASA competitors understand Hoosier's value of their support, Hoosier Racing Tire has expanded the contingency program this year to include the Time Trial competitors, as well as, all the classes that were included last year. The purpose of this program is to reward the success of those drivers and ensure Hoosier Racing Tire remains the tire of choice for NASA racers in 2009.  

"It's fantastic that Hoosier Racing Tire has expanded their contingency program available to NASA competitors," said Jeremy Croiset, NASA's Sponsorship Manager. "We work very hard to deliver the best support programs for our drivers and we are confident that our racers will be very excited about this new offering."  

All open tire classes (including Time Trial classes) will be eligible for this program. The program will award each 1st place finisher with two (2) free tires if there are three or more starters in the class and 2nd place will be awarded with one (1) free tire if there are five or more starters in the class. The program includes all NASA regions.  

More details and information on the Hoosier Racing Tire contingency program can be found by clicking here.


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