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Denny Nyari completing some warm-up laps at New Paris Speedway before the tire testing begins.NEW PARIS, IN (August 28) -- While the Labor Day weekend may mark the end of racing at many tracks across the country, it's just another week in the never ending business of providing the best racing tires in the world for Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. On Wednesday, August 28th, a tire test was conducted at New Paris Speedway in New Paris, IN. The purpose of the test was to evaluate both tire construction and various tire compounds for one of the many racing series that have selected Hoosier as their exclusive tire brand for the upcoming year.

New Paris Speedway is used quite often for tire testing by Hoosier because it is located near the corporate headquarters and has a smooth asphalt racing surface. The 1/4-mile facility owned by Donny Klotz has regular weekly racing on Saturday nights. Another reason Hoosier opted for New Paris was that Donny doesn't charge them for testing sessions which is almost unheard of these days. But he knows how important it is to keep improving the product his weekly drivers compete on.

Attending the tire test were Manager of Tire Contract Sales Irish Saunders, Hoosier engineers Ken Kolter and Marc March, test driver Denny Nyari and his crew members, Hoosier truck driver and track service person Larry "Toots" Merrill, as well as Donny Klotz and safety personnel. 

Most of the testing was to refine a tire used in a major east coast racing series. Ten sets of tires were to be tested. Some were construction tests while others were compounds tests with a "control" set mixed in as well.

Before the testing began the tires were checked and re-checked. The air pressures, circumferences and durometer readings were all recorded before the tires were bolted to the test car.

The testing began between nine and ten o'clock in the morning. The weather was sunny and in the mid seventies for most of the testing. Each of the ten sets of tires were mounted onto the car and the driver sent out to complete predetermined number of laps. All ten sets were run the same number of laps with the times electronically recorded. 

When the test laps were completed, that's when the real action began. Like a well rehearsed Broadway production, the staff and crew began their real work. The engineers gathered air pressure readings, circumferences, as well as durometer and temperature readings on all four positions. Then, the driver is asked his opinion of the tires. His feedback is recorded and logged with the other information gathered. The tires are removed and another set installed until all sets had been tested.

Longer runs are then run made on several of the more promising sets. This allows the engineers the opportunity to monitor any significant changes in lap times and monitor tread wear until satisfied the results they have documented are valid and reliable.

It was nearly 3:00 pm before all the testing had been completed for the day. The information gathered will be compiled and evaluated to see whether further testing will be required before a final decision can be made. But one things for sure, the testing never stops when your goal is to produce the best racing tires in the world.


A few pictures of the tire test at New Paris Speedway.
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Hoosier Engineers Marc march & Ken Kolter gathering tire data before testing begins.

Test driver Denny Nyari prepares to enter his race car.


 Michigan's Erv Starrett helped Nyari during the test is seen posing next to a stack of Hoosier tires. Starrett is still smiling after he pocketed $20,000 for winning a 100-lap race at New Paris a few weeks back.

New Paris owner Donny Klotz and & Hoosier's Irish Saunders discussing tires.


Engineers Ken Kolter & Marc March gathering driver comments from Denny Nyari after one of the test runs.

Tires are lined up after the completion of the test.



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