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Daytona Beach, Fla. (February 4, 2005) Today was the running of the Grand-Am Cup 200 at Daytona International Speedway. When asked about the performance of the Hoosier Tires over the past week Sylvain Tremblay, the owner of the #70 SpeedSource Mazda RX-8 stated, "They are doing great. We have done a lot of testing with them and the tire is very, very consistent. That's a big strong point with it. We understand it enough where we can maximize it over long runs. We know what to do pressure wise and we are lucky to be on the pole again. To be on the pole with the new 2005 spec makes us very happy."

The race was a great success for Hoosier from beginning to end. The #5 Mustang GT, of Blackforest Motorsports, ran away with the show. The drivers were able to lead nineteen of the fifty-seven laps in the win, all of which were run on a single set of tires.

Marc Brown, an engineer for Hoosier stated, "I was quite pleased with the performance of the tires. The high banks of Daytona are quite demanding. The tires we designed for this series must perform on many different types of surfaces and many different track configurations. Being able to complete this entire event on one set of tires not only allowed the team to have a race winning strategy but also do it in a cost-effective manner." In addition Marc also pointed out that the fastest race lap occurred on the forty-fifth lap out of fifty-seven total laps. In addition, ten cars ran their fastest lap after lap forty. This is a great testament as to how well the Hoosiers held up through the course of the race.

Dennis Sherman, Vice-President of Marketing at Hoosier was quoted as saying, "I am pleased by the broad participation from a variety of vehicle manufacturers and the number of teams that have attended this weekend of racing! Grand American Road Racing's formula provides fans and participants exciting competition."


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