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LAKEVILLE, IN (January 11, 2007) -- Hoosier is proud to introduce the new D20A and D40A, which will replace the existing D20 and D40 in all dirt specs for Quarter Midgets and Karts. The D20A has maintained the same hardness as the D20, but has improved grip while the D40A has been softened down to a hardness of 55-57 to improve firing. Both compounds have shown considerable improvement in lap times.  

The D20A is comparable to the Burris SS-22 and is designed for cool tracks that are sandy, dusty or marbled. The D40A is comparable to the Maxxis HT-3 and works well on tracks that form a groove and start to become abrasive.  

The new D20A and D40A are available in the following tire sizes:

Dirt Quarter Midget:

Catalog #      Size              Compounds            Application
11050     31.0/4.5-5 C01         D20A                QM Left Front
(Stagger LR)
11100     32.0/4.5-5 C01         D20A,               QM Left Rear 
(Stagger LF)
11150     33.0/4.5-6 C01         D20A, D40A     QM Right Front
(Lower HP classes)
11200     33.0/5.5-6 C01         D20A, D40A     QM Wide RF
(Higher HP classes)
11250     35.0/7.1-6 C01         D20A, D40A     QM Right Rear

Dirt Kart: 

Catalog #      Size              Compounds           Application
11300       10.5x4.5-6              D20A               Kart Left Front 
11305       10.5x4.5-6              D40A               Kart Left Front  
11350       10.5x5.5-6              D20A               Kart Left Rear
(Left Rear for more than 1.5 stagger) 
11355       10.5x5.5-6              D40A               Kart Left Rear
(Left Rear for more than 1.5 stagger)
11375       10.7x5.5-6              D20A               Kart Left Rear 
(Left Rear for 1 rear stagger)
11400       10.7x5.5-6              D40A               Kart Left Rear 
(Left Rear for 1 rear stagger)
11850       11.0x8.1-6              D20A               Kart Right Front and Right Rear
11855       11.0x8.1-6              D40A               Kart Right Front and Right Rear

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Adam Batton.


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