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THE HOOSIER 34.5/17.0-16 C06 (#18800) DRAG TIRE 
C2000 & C4000


LAKEVILLE, IN (January 9, 2002) -- Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. is very pleased to announce that the Hoosier 34.5/17.0-16 C06 drag tire is now available in two different versions, the C2000 and the C4000. The goal was to offer both the original 34.5/17.0-16 C06 drag tire which we have renamed the C2000, as well as introduce the C4000 which has proven to be a "cooler running" version of the C2000 and has been tested on select Dragsters and Funny Cars.  


34.5/17.0-16 C06 C2000
Catalog #18800 C2000 

34.5/17.0-16 C06 C4000
Catalog #18800 C4000 

* Same tire used in 2001 - Catalog #18800.
* Now identified as #18800 C2000 due to the introduction of the new C4000 version. 

* The tire is a "cooler running" version of the C2000.
* The tire is designed to be used on, but not limited to, Alcohol Dragsters.
* The tire has been tested on selected Dragsters and Funny Cars and has proven to be a consistent replacement.
* C4000 was on a National Event Winner in 2001. 


To learn more about these tires and Hoosier's complete arsenal of high performance drag tires, contact your Hoosier Tire Distributor or Dealer. Hoosier tires are "Proudly Made in the USA." 


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