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New Midget Front Tread DesignLAKEVILLE, IN (January 24, 2002) -- Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. is proud to announce the introduction of a new line of midget dirt front tires. We have determined through extensive testing the cross angle block (CAB) tread pattern was superior to the old super chain link (SCL) pattern. Our testing indicated the new tread design can dramatically improve tread life of your midget front tire, particularly when racing on dry track conditions. 

The new line will only be available in a 68.0/7.0-13 CAB (catalog #35112). This will be replacing the 68.0/7.0-13 SCL (catalog #35110). The 68.0/6.0-13 SCL midget front (catalog #35100) will be phased out once current inventory has been depleted.

The new midget front tires are currently available in Hoosier's D12 and D15 compounds. The harder D25 compound is being replaced with the D20 and is projected to be available April 1, 2002. Feel free to contact your local Hoosier Tire distributor for more information.

Tire Being Phased Out Replacement Tire Replacement Tire
68.0/6.0-13 SCL D10 Cat #35100 None N.A.
68.0/6.0-13 SCL D12 Cat #35100 None N.A.
68.0/7.0-13 SCL D10 Cat #35110 68.0/7.0-13 CAB D10 Cat #35112 NOW!!
68.0/7.0-13 SCL D12 Cat #35110 68.0/7.0-13 CAB D12 Cat #35112 NOW!!
68.0/7.0-13 SCL D25 Cat #35110 68.0/7.0-13 CAB D20 Cat #35112 April 1

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