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3-16-06 (updated)

Hoosier Announces next generation DOT competition radialsLAKEVILLE, IN -- Hoosier Racing Tire is proud to announce the upcoming arrival of the next generation of D.O.T. approved competition tires for use on road course and autocross applications. After extensive track testing, this new model, called the R6 for use on road race courses and the A6 for autocross competitions, will give the customer significant performance advantages over the previous models. The A6 tire has both a new construction and a new tread compound.  The R6 tire has been developed with the same construction as the A6, yet retaining the same successful tread compound as the previous R3S05 model. 


The new A6 and R6 models produce crisper steering response and improved transitional performance. The new construction also provides increased overall grip and greater stability at the higher limits of adhesion allowing the driver to apply more power with confidence. The improved tread compound on the A6 tires will deliver more consistent run times over a longer exposure to heat than the previous A3S05 compound. 


Testing of the new A6 tires has confirmed less degradation of grip after several runs. Testing of the new A6 tires has also produced better overall wear due to improved tread profiles and the increase in overall grip. The R6, when used on road courses, will reward drivers with faster, consistent lap times and extended wear due to the improved traction and the previously proven R tread compound. 


Both models have been designed with a new tread profile that extends the tread shoulder life and produces consistent tread wear across the entire contact patch. Testing has also proven better performance using lower operating pressures as compared to the previous model. Competitors are advised to lower air pressures in small increments to find optimum air pressure for their specific vehicle.


The A6 model will be released March 27th and the R6 models will be phased in shortly after. Please contact your local Hoosier distributor or dealer for purchasing and inventory information or visit www.hoosiertire.com for more information.


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