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New Hoosier FSCCA & SRSCCA tiresLAKEVILLE, IN -- Hoosier Tire has enjoyed the partnership with SCCA Enterprises for the past three years as being the spec tire supplier for the FSCCA and SR race vehicles. Because of the extension of the contract with SCCA Enterprises, Hoosier will be offering new tires for these two vehicles. The tread compound has been updated to the current R45A compound, and they have plated the sidewall with the "SCCA" lettering. The construction of the new tires has been upgraded to a configuration similar to our C3000 tires. The new tires will have the same price as the previous model and will be available to order on Monday, March 27th, 2006. At this time, it is our understanding that the new tires will be approved for use in competition after April 11th, 2006.  We have listed the previous and new part numbers below to help with ordering the new tires. Please contact your local Hoosier distributor or dealer for purchasing and inventory information or visit www.hoosiertire.com for more information.


Previous Size

New Size

      43270R45   21.5 x 8.0-13 R45      

43270R45A 21.5 x 8.0-13 R45A SCCA

      43301R45   22.0 x 10.0-13 R45      

43301R45A 22.0 x 10.0-13 R45A SCCA


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