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It is important to recognize that the R3S04/A3S04 model is a significant departure from the R3S03/A3S03 version. The differences in the tire will require changes in the set up of the car to ensure good performance and improved tire wear.

In every case it is necessary to evaluate camber, spring rate, and sway bar settings to maximize the potential of the new tire. Simply "bolting on" the tire without proper setup evaluation can result in accelerated wear and less than expected performance.

As with any new product there are a variety of stories about the "best" way to use the product. Every case is different. Take into consideration that the tire setup is influenced by many factors, not the least of which is driving style. Always evaluate the advice and recommendations carefully before applying set up information. Verify your results through good data acquisition and testing methods. 

Our goal is to provide the best product for our customers. The results for each customer may vary according to the attention given to the development of the chassis set up. Consideration and attention to the tuning will pay dividends to the teams that apply proper testing and development.


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