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21.5 x 7.5 - 13 WET
(CATALOG #44195)


Hoosier's bias-ply WET tireLAKEVILLE, IN -- As part of our agreement with SCCA Enterprises, Hoosier has released a front rain tire that is targeted to satisfy dimensional requirements of the current SCCA Formula and Sports Racer chassis. At the inception of our tire agreement, we supplied the 44150 20.0x7.5-13 WET which does not match up to the 43270 21.5x8.0-13 R45 dry tire that is currently supplied for the front of these vehicles.  

Hoosier Racing Tire is currently working with SCCA Enterprises to directly contact the owners of each of these cars to engage a "factory direct" exchange program. Tires submitted for exchange or return will have to meet the following conditions: 

* Tires must be in new and totally saleable condition. 
* Hoosier will not accept for exchange or return any tires that have been evidently used in any way. 
* Hoosier will not accept for exchange or return any tires that have been damaged during a mounting or dismounting process. 

Simply put, if the tire(s) is not in such a condition that you would personally expect a newly purchased tire to be, don't expect Hoosier to accept it for exchange or return.   Once again, from this date forward, the new 44195 21.5x7.5-13 WET is the correct and only tire that will be supplied as a front rain tire for a SCCA Formula/Sports Racer. The correct rear tire application is and has always been the 44217 22.0x9.0-13 WET. 

If you have any questions, contact Bruce Foss at 574-784-3152 (7:30am-4:30pm CST/M-F) or e-mail .


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