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Hoosier continues to add to its new 5" & 6" tire line.LAKEVILLE, IN (August 10, 2005) -- The new 33.5/5.5-6 Kart tire will be available August 22nd. The application for this tire will be a LR for dirt Karts. Initial compounds will include D20 and D30 with D10, D40, and D50 to follow. The Catalog Number for this tire is 15375. The dimensions for the new tire can be viewed by clicking the "Kart & 1/4 Midget" link in the left hand navigation frame and then by clicking on "Specs" after the new options appear.

In an effort to continuously improve the Hoosier product line, the current A50 compound tire will eventually be phased out and replaced by the new A55 compound on all specs. The A55 compound has a drier appearance, more even wear characteristics and improved durability. The A55 compound is currently available in sizes 35.0/7.1-6 and 35.0/8.1-6 with other tire sizes under development. 

Several customers have had questions in regards to our tread width measurements. The tread width for Hoosier QM/Kart tires is an actual measurement and not a "rounded-off" figure. For example, our 35.0/7.1-6 tire has a tread width of 7.1". Conversely, our competitors, have a tire stamped 12.0/8.1-6 with a tread width that actually measures between 7 1/4"- 7 1/2". These figures can be misleading to the customer and we would like to avoid any further confusion. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Adam Batton at abatton@hoosiertire.com.


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