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LAKEVILLE, IN (May 14) -- After Steve Kinser won the 2000 Pennzoil World of Outlaws championship aboard USA-made Hoosier tires, some may have thought it was a fluke. In 2001, Hoosier has been the tire of choice of the top seven drivers in the 2001 World of Outlaws point standings and given cars equipped with Hoosier tires nearly a 90% feature win ratio in the elite series. Some might think Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. might be satisfied. They are wrong. And so, it is with great pleasure we announce the introduction of our new and improved winged dirt sprint left rear tires. These new left rear tires provide more left rear drive than the previous left rear design. Based on extensive laboratory and field testing, the new and improved left rear design was developed utilizing already proven Hoosier compounds. Listed below are the details for the newly introduced tires as well as their approximate release dates. 
Size / Compound New Catalog Replaced Catalog Appx. Release Date
90/15-15 LCB D10 31159D10 31158D10 NOW AVAILABLE
90/15-15 LCB D12 31159D12 31158D12 NOW AVAILABLE
90/15-15 LCB D15 31159D15 31158D15 SEPT
90/15-15 LCB D20 31159D20 31158D20 SEPT
92/15-15 LCB D10 31169D10 31168D10 NOW AVAILABLE
92/15-15 LCB D12 31169D12 31168D12 NOW AVAILABLE
92/15-15 LCB D15 31169D15 31168D15 SEPT
92/15-15 LCB D20 31169D20 31168D20 SEPT
94/15-15 LCB D10 31189D10 31188D10 NOW AVAILABLE
94/15-15 LCB D12 31189D12 31188D12 NOW AVAILABLE
94/15-15 LCB D15 31189D15 31188D15 NOW AVAILABLE
 LCB stands for large crossblock tread design.
The tread pattern is similar to that of the checkerboard design on the 105/18 right rear tire. These tires have already been tested under race conditions and were proven successful, as evidenced by Danny Lasoski's World of Outlaws A-main feature win at Knoxville in April running the new left rear 94/15-15 D12 tire. 

Please feel free to contact Hoosier Oval Track Dirt Product Manager, Neil Cowman, by calling him at 1-219-784-3152 or by e-mailing him at ncowman@hoosiertire.com to answer any questions you may have.


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