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1-08-16 New Left Rear Sprint Tires for the RaceSaver Sprint Series
4-24-15 TECHNICAL BULLETIN: To: All DIRTcar Competitors and Promoters
3-30-15 D12 Compound Now Available in 90.0/15.0-15 for Winged Dirt Sprints
2-20-15 Hoosier Introduces New S-500, Changes Other 500 Descriptions
1-13-15 New 105/16.0-15 H-R15 Dirt Sprint Tire
12-22-14 Midget Dirt: RD12 Compound Now Available in 80.0/10.0-13
9-10-14 Hoosier Releases 28.5/11.0-15 RIB D70 for Fall Specials
5-28-14 To: All WISSOTA Competitors, Promoters, Board of Directors
4-04-14 Recommended Inflation Procedure for Sprint Dirt Tires
4-04-14 New Right Rear Sprint Dirt Tire for the RaceSaver Spec 305 Series
2-11-14 Hoosier Adds to Popular 500/H500 Line
10-09-13 88/15.0-15 Winged Sprint Dirt Tire Update
3-21-13 Hoosier Dirt Sprint Car Tire and Bead Lock Fitment
3-14-13 New Sprint Dirt Tire Air Pressure Recommendations
6-08-12 96.0/15.0-15 D12
4-27-12 Hoosier Releases new 8" Open Competition Tire
3-16-12 Hoosier Introduces Larger H500 Size
2-14-12 Hoosier Introduces First Front Wheel Drive 4-Cylinder/Hornet/U-Car Racing Tire
5-27-11 New Hoosier BRP/360 Late Model Tires In Stock and Ready to Race
4-22-11 Hoosier Introduces 68.0/8.0-13 Mini Stock/T.Q. Midget Applications
10-07-10 77" Left Rear Size Added for Dirt Midgets
9-16-10 Short and Large 94.0/15.0-15 D12 Compound Now Available for Winged Sprints
3-06-09 IMCA Air Pressure, Siping & Grinding Tips
10-07-08 RD12 Compound Now Available in 98.0/15.0-15 Sprint Dirt
3-19-08 New Size for Micro Sprint Dirt Line
1-09-06 Hoosier IMCA Tires For 2006
1-06-06 2006 Dirt Late Model Specifications
7-21-04 New WRS Tread Pattern Now Available
7-20-04 NEW 10.0/27.0-15 500 Now Available
3-04-04 2004 Open Competition Dirt Late Model Tire Changes
5-12-03 2003 Open Competition Dirt Late Model Compound Chart
5-07-03 Sprint Dirt Compound Change
3-20-03 Lead #42 Inventory Update
2-20-03 69.0/10.0-10 W Production Update
1-31-03 67.0/10.0-10 not available
1-10-03 NEW 69.0/10.0W-10 Micro Sprint Tire
12-20-02 NEW 69.0/10.0W-10 Micro Sprint Tire
7-31-02 NEW RD15 Compound Now Available
7-30-02 RD12 Compound Added to Micro Sprint Left Rear Line-up
5-31-02 NEW Winged Sprint Left Rears
5-23-02 RD12 Compound Added to Micro Sprint Tire Line
3-13-02 NEW RD12 Compound
1-24-02 NEW Midget Dirt Fronts
5-15-01 NEW Winged Sprint Left Rears
6-08-00 NEW D11 Compound



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