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Daryl Rath shown in action on Hoosier ATV tires.

Todd Dobson finds success on Hoosiers!

Wooster, Ohio's Nathaniel Hoffer out front on Hoosier ATV tires.

John Whitaker not only races on Hoosiers, he also mounts his pit bike and trailer on Hoosier ATV tires and Hooaier dirt kart tires.

Hoosier ATV tires used at Equihien track in France by Clement Jay, Remy Gache, Matthieu Ternynck and Axel Dutrie (left to right).

Edgar Moreno gets the holeshot at Arizona Cycle Park in AZ on his Hoosier MX tires

Tyler Smith's #00 races on Hoosier ATV tires.

NEW Hoosier ATV tires are winning race in Japan now!

Scott Shelhart races his ATV on Hoosiers!

California's Nick Lalanne  uses Hoosier ATV tires while racing his 2004 Yamaha Banshee.

Dustin Hendershot gets the hole shot at Walnut, IL on his Hoosiers!

Dalton Millican gets the hole shot on his Hoosiers at Walnut, IL.

Dalton Millican catches some air time riding on his Hoosier ATV MX tires.

Merrill Crose competes on Hoosier ATV MX tires.

Dustin Hendershot competes on Hoosier's new ATV MX line!

Randy Shilling on his way to his second consecutive ATV National event win in Bowling Green, KY on Hoosiers!

Ryon Partee from Bryan, OH races on Hoosier tires.

Top Fuel's Clay Millican's son Dalton rides on Hoosier ATV tires!

Noah Patterson on his mini quad @ the Western TT Nationals June 2008 on Hoosiers!

Russ Lorenzen leaving teh competition in the dust at Hannegan Raceway in Bellingham,WA.

1st place @ Pikes Peak Hill Climb;  Whitney Brothers Racing Team


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