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Hoosier's Oval Track Asphalt race tire line has three managers. Irish Saunders is the Oval Asphalt Product Manager. Doug Barnes is the ARCA Series Product Manager and Dave Wroblewski is the ARCA Series Event Manager for Hoosier. 

Irish Saunders is Hoosier's Manager of Contract Sales. Irish has over 25 years with Hoosier and is also the Product Manager for the Oval Asphalt, Entry Level Asphalt, Late Model Asphalt and Open Wheel Asphalt tire line. Irish also handles the Little Car Asphalt line (item numbers beginning with lead #41), the Modified/Supers/Sprint/Silver Crown Asphalt line (item numbers beginning with #08 & #09), as well as the Midget Asphalt (USAC) line (item numbers beginning with #13).  If you have questions regarding tires within Irish's product line and were unable to find the answers in the FAQ section of this website, you can e-mail Irish by clicking here: .

Irish Saunders

Doug Barnes is the Product Manager for the ARCA Series including ARCA Asphalt (item numbers beginning with #39) and ARCA Short and Dirt Track (item numbers beginning with #40). Doug was the ARCA Track Service Manager from 2002 through 2006 and then assumed the duties of Track Service Department Manager in early 2007. If after searching the FAQ section and are unable to find an answer to your question, you can e-mail Doug by clicking here: .


Doug Barnes

Dave has been with Hoosier since 1996 and served as the Crew Chief for the ARCA series for many years before being promoted to the Event Manager position in 2007. If you have any service or billing questions regarding the ARCA REMAX Series please contact Dave at 574-784-3152 or email him at: .


Dave Wroblewski


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