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Mountain Speedway (www.mountainspeedway.com)LAKEVILLE, IN (May 22) -- Joe Callavini of Mountain Speedway in the Pocono Foothills has announced that the Modified division at the facility will be switching to Hoosier tires beginning next week. Callavini made the change after several years using another tire brand. Callavini stated, "Our drivers were asking for a change to be made and I was compelled to respond to their requests." The deal was successfully negotiated between Callavini and Hoosier Manager of Contract Sales Irish Saunders making Hoosier tires the exclusive brand used in the track's Modified division.

Callavini called a special meeting with his drivers after the completion of last Saturday's Modified race in which defending track champion Brian Defebo was the winner. It was Defebo's second straight win and third overall in the early season at the 1/3-mile track. At this meeting, it was announced the track would be switching to Hoosier tires starting the following weekend. Drivers will be allowed to use either brand this weekend with Hoosier being the only brand used after that.

Callavini stated, "Things just weren't working with our old tire brand and we needed to make a change. I had been in discussion with Irish (Saunders) for some time and felt the time was right for our Modified division to finally join Team-Hoosier."

Hoosier's Irish Saunders commented on the pact, "Mountain Speedway was one of just a handful of tracks not running the Hoosier brand in their Modified division. But that's now changed." Saunders added, "I give Joe a lot of credit for making the decision to switch mid-season. But like any good promoter, you need to listen and respond to what your competitors are asking for. I really think they wanted a brand that was known for being more of an expert in the open wheel asphalt arena--and that's Hoosier."

Saunders concluded, "We are very pleased to include Mountain Speedway in the ranks of the Hoosier family and look forward to a long and mutually satisfying relationship for many years to come."

Mountain Speedway races on Saturday and Sunday and is located in St. John's, PA. Feel free to visit their website at www.mountainspeedway.com.


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