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Mike "Junior" Johnson wins SCCA ProSolo National Championship on Hoosiers! (Photo courtesy of John Steflik and www.scca.com)TOPEKA, KS (September 21-22, 2007) -- The 2007 Tire Rack® SCCA ProSolo National Championships were contested this past weekend at Heartland Park Topeka. The ProSolo event had drivers competing in head-to-head competition on side-by-side, mirror-image autocross courses. When it was all over, one tire brand stood above the rest--Hoosier. 

In the 22 classes in which Hoosier tires are used, 152 of 213 drivers (71%) opted to run on Hoosier tires. Even more startling was the number of class winners riding on Hoosiers. In the end, the purple tire brand was used by 20 of 22 ProSolo class champions. 

The icing-on-the-cake, however, came the Hawk Super Challenge which pits the top drivers in each class in head-to-head competition to determine an overall winner. The overall SCCA ProSolo National Champion was Mike "Junior" Johnson (photo). Johnson took the win while competing on Hoosier racing tires. 

The final tally had Team Hoosier capturing 51 of the 66 podium spots including 20 first place finishes, 17 second place finishes and 14 third place finishes. Hoosier-shod drivers also collected 19 (of 22) 4th place finishes and 18 (of 22) 5th place finishes. 

Hoosier would like to recognize the class winners (class) using our product; John Roberts (AS), Mike Johnson (ASP), Tom Berry (BSP), Darrin Disimo (CS), Reijo Silvennoinen (CSP), Justin Rest (DS), Alex Shchipkov (DSP), Mark Madarash (ESP), Sam Strano (FS), Lorin Mueller (FSP), Ron Williams (GS), Matt Murray (HS), Mark Daddio (SM), Erik Strelnieks (SM2), Jennifer Merideth (L1), Christine Berry (L2), Ian Stewart (SS), Greg Reno (OE), Keith Brown (PI) and Jeff Kiesel (MI).

Hoosier Tire Midwest is in Kansas providing sales and service for the event. They will also be on hand for the Solo National Championships beginning on September 25th.  

Hoosier Product Manager Tim Gilvin was also at Heartland Park for the competition and reported the details used in this report. 

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. congratulates all the winners and wishes to thank all the drivers who competed on the Hoosier brand.  

For complete results and more information about SCCA racing please visit www.scca.com.    


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