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Tim Sozio won the World Formula class and was the only car on Hoosiers!. TAMPA BAY, FL (September 30, 2007) -- Quarter Midgets of America’s Region 13 held race #7 of their Florida Cup Series at Tampa Bay QMRA recently with Hoosier-shod drivers participating in four of the eight classes. When it was all over, drivers riding on Hoosier quarter midget tires took the top spot in all four classes--including two podium sweeps.
Trevor Sozio, of Debary, FL, captured his first-ever Sr. Honda win while riding on Hoosier D30 (compound) tires. The 2nd and 3rd place finishers also rode on Hoosier D30 tires.
Cory Drier captured the win in the Light 160 class also using D30 tires. Drier was followed to the line by two more cars riding on the popular Hoosier D30 tires. 
In the Heavy 160 class, Cole Fletcher was the only car on Hoosier tires. Fletcher took the A-main win also riding on D30 tires. 

Tim Sozio used Hoosier's A30A tires to win the World Formula class. Sozio was also the only car in his class on Hoosiers.

The winning tire combination used to capture the A-main in Sr. Honda, Light 160, and Heavy 160 included:
RF: 33.0/4.5-6 D30 (Part #11150 D30)
RR: 35.0/7.1-6 D30 (Part #11250 D30)
The winning combination for the World Formula class included:
RF: 33.0/5.5-6 A30A (Part #15350 A30A)
RR: 35.0/7.1-6 A30A (Part #15751 A30A)
Hoosier would like to congratulate Trevor, Cory, Cole, and Tim on their respective wins. 

Hoosier would also like to thank all of those teams who made the choice to run the Hoosier brand on their cars. 

For more information about Hoosier Quarter Midget tires contact Hoosier Quarter Midget Product Manager Adam Batton


Tim Sozio
Tim Sozio


Trevor Sozio
Trevor Sozio


Cory Drier
Cory Drier


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