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Kyle Resco wins his first A Main feature of the season on Hoosier tires.COLUMBUS, OH (January 15) -- Hoosier tires continue to win over converts in the quarter midget community. The purple tire brand's newest tire line recently carried four youngsters to feature victories in the largest one-day quarter midget event ever this past Saturday in Columbus, OH. With 291 entries from 14 different states, the Ohio Indoor WinterNationals continues to produce incredible on-track competition. While the record-setting number of competitors was the talk of the pits, the real buzz was the inroads that Hoosier tires are making with their new quarter midget tire line. More and more teams are trying the ever-improving tires and the success stories are mounting about as fast as the young drivers circling the track.

Kyle Resco (above photo) is a quiet 11-year-old from Roanoke, VA. The "Star City of the South" is home to Kyle and his dad, Bob. The elder Resco, a director at the Advance Auto Parts corporate headquarters, transferred from his New Jersey home three years ago. He had been interested in the development of the Hoosier brand in the quarter midget arena but had not tried them until this past Saturday. When he bolted an A-40 right rear tire on his brand new Stanley car he immediately saw the difference. "Kyle loved it from the first lap. The tire bolted up quickly and never gave up," stated Kyle's father. Based on this initial feedback from his young driver they made the decision to utilize the tire on the team's other car, a Storm Chassis, for the Senior Stock feature. The decision resulted in Kyle's first A Main victory this indoor season, while his loving dad quickly ordered more new Hoosiers for their other car which competes in the Senior Honda division. "It's for the children you know," added the proud papa.  


Mikey Melair Another newcomer to the Hoosier brand came in the form of seven-year-old Mikey Melair (photo at right). The Warrington , PA hotshoe attends Jamison Elementary School and relies on his father Nick (a self-described "washed-up Sportsman driver") to turn wrenches on his Bullrider Chassis. Like many others, he too had been watching the progress Hoosier has been enjoying from the sidelines with their new quarter midget line. After observing the results of several other teams, he purchased a set of Hoosier D-30 tires Saturday to use on his son's Junior Honda car. Earlier, the 40 lb. first grader finished third in the A Main in that division so when it came time to run the higher powered Junior Stock main event his dad installed the new Hoosiers on that car. Mikey, somewhat matter-of-factly, went out and decimated the rest of the ten car field. "The tires are so forgiving," stated the elder Melair--a former Grandview Speedway driver who knows a little something about racing. The greatest part of the win was when the tyke climbed from the car, removed his helmet and quickly asked, "Does this mean I'll be on the Hoosier web site?" 


Tyler Roahrig wins the Senior Honda A main on HoosiersThere were also a couple of repeat winners on Hoosier tires at last Saturday's most recent indoor event. Both Tyler Roahrig (photo at right) and Tyler Robinson found their way to the winner's circle once again.  Roahrig outran a ten car contingent to victory in the Senior Honda A Main after the field was whittled down from a 50-car class entry list--the largest class of the event. Roahrig, from South Bend, IN, piloted his Nervo Coggin Chassis to a convincing win. Tyler Robinson also "held serve" in his class. The Beavercreek, OH eight-year-old was victorious in the Junior Honda division--repeating the triumph he achieved in the New Year's Day race. Robinson utilizes a Magnum Chassis.

Other notable efforts were also turned in by Daniel Hall and Bo Stambaugh. Hall finished third in the Heavy Honda class in a Nervo Coggin Chassis, while Stambaugh enjoyed his best-ever Heavy B result. Both utilized Hoosier A-50 compound tires. 

Jeff Nuckles, the Ohio Distributor of Hoosier quarter midget tires, states, "The most impressive part of the progress by Hoosier Racing Tire in the world of quarter midget racing is the performance on the different chassis's. Whether it's a Bullrider, Stanley, Storm, Magnum or Nervo Coggin, they (Hoosiers) just flat work."

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