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12-year-old Kyle Resco has found succeess on Hoosier's new quarter midget tires.SALISBURY, NC (June 2, 2007) -- Kyle Resco decided to try his luck with Hoosier's new A40A quarter midget tires recently at the NCQMA Speedway. As a 2-time Quarter Midget Association (QMA) National Champion, Kyle is no stranger to the winner's circle.

After missing pre-race qualifying, Kyle was forced to start last in the Briggs A-main event event. But the 12-year-old wouldn't let that stop him from finding his way to victory lane. 

By lap 18, Kyle was in the lead and on his way to the win. The Roanoke, VA native was driving a Stanley Chassis with Power by Murray Performance Briggs World Formula engine.  

The victory was even more impressive given the fact that it was Kyle's first time ever competing on the new A40A tires. The win also propelled Kyle into the lead in track's Championship Points Series for the Briggs World Formula Class.

Kyle's father Bob commented, "Because of the weight and horsepower of the Briggs class, the biggest problem we've had this season is that the car will slow down on a long run. But these (Hoosier) tires never slowed down and ran consistent lap times from start to finish." 

The elder Resco added, "We are very impressed with the performance of these tires. Every tire we've run so far this year was worn out after a single feature event. But the new A40A held up great and showed very little wear. We'll even run the same set of tires again at our next race." 

Resco added, "If QMA is looking for a spec tire for the 2008 season, this (Hoosier) tire needs to be at the top of their list."

After the race, Kyle commented, "The (Hoosier) tires made my car very stable and gave us a lot of grip. Usually, I can feel the tires going away, but these tires never gave up."

Kyle's winning combination included:

RF - 33.0/4.5-6 A40A (Item #15301 A40A)
RR – 35.0/7.1-6 A40A (Item #15751 A40A)

A happy Justin Peck after picking up the A-main win on Hoosier quarter midget tires.XENIA, OH (May 27-28, 2007) - The Region 4 States Race at the Miami Valley QMRA track in Ohio attracted a whopping 270 entries. In addition to competing at the event, many drivers were also there to take advantage of additional track time in preparation for the 2007 Eastern Grand Nationals held at the 1/20-mile speedplant. 

Justin Peck, a previous winner on the new Hoosier tires, was also on hand looking to collect a checkered flag in the Jr. Honda class which had 26 cars in competition. 

The format for the States Race is the same as a Grands format with qualifying and lower mains held on Saturday, while the Novice races and A-mains being contested on Sunday. 


After qualifying 2nd quick on Hoosier's new A40A tires, Justin Peck lined up 4th in the Jr. Honda A-main. 


Despite starting fourth, Justin wasted no time charging to the front. Within just a few laps, he was in first place. While in the lead, Justin increased the distance between himself and second place until a late-race caution flew. 


As the race restarted, Justin quickly reassumed the lead. He went on to win the Jr. Honda A-main using Hoosier's new A40A tires.  


Justin’s winning combination included:


RF: 33.0/4.5-6 A40A (Item #15301 A40A)

RR: 34.5/6.0-6 A40A (Item #15600 A40A)


Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. congratulates both Kyle and Justin on their recent wins using Hoosier tires. 


If you have any questions about the Hoosier Quarter Midget tire line feel free to contact Adam Batton. Adam can be reached by e-mailing him at abatton@hoosiertire.com or by calling Hoosier Headquarters at (574) 784-3152.


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