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Sports Car Club of AmericaSUMMIT POINT RACEWAY, WV (April 7-8) -- The Washington DC region hosted the Don Beyer Volvo National SCCA event on Saturday and Sunday. As was the case in the 2000 SCCA season, Hoosier Racing Tire continued to be the dominant tire in the races it competes in. Of the eight races, Hoosier competed in seven of them. Of those seven races, Hoosier-shod cars were the overall winner in four of the seven races.

In Race Number One, half of the 32 competitors chose to race on Hoosier tires. The classes competing in this race were the SSB, SSC, T1 and T2 classes. At the finish, the Hoosier brand was on five of the top six finishers. Tom Lyons was the overall race winner (T1 class) using Hoosier's A3S03 compound followed closely by David Woodle using Hoosier's slightly tougher, R3S03 compound. Rounding out Hoosier's top finishers were Seg Quinones in fourth overall and 2nd in the T2 class, Judi Warren in fifth overall, 3rd in T1.  Joe Aquilante finished sixth overall and 3rd in T2. All were running the Hoosier R3S03 compound. 

In Race Number Two, the Hoosier name was on 11 of the 16 competitors. Classes competing in the race were, CSR, DSR and S2. Hoosier again was strong at the finish as the top 3 positions were all sporting Hoosier rubber. David Dullum, Vic Kicera and Eric Langbein finished 1-2-3 overall and in the S2 class. Kicera set a new track record in S2 by turning a 1:15:409 lap. All were running the Hoosier R45 compound. Hoosier was also on the top finishers in the other two classes as well, with Bill Haney in the CSR class and Bill Maisey in the DSR class. 

Kris Kaiser shattered the Formula Atlantic record at Summit Point on the new R25A compoundRace Number Three saw Hoosier cars make the most of their opportunities. The four classes competing in this race were, FA, FC, FF and FM. While Hoosier tires were on just 8 of the 42 car field, they managed to take the top two positions overall. Kris Kaiser, who finished first overall, bested the previous track record (one he previously held) with a time of 1:07:611 on Hoosier's NEW R25A compound. Kaiser competes in the FA class. Finishing in second place was FC class', Tim Minor, with R35 on the left side and R25A on his right side.  

Jim Schultz winner of the F5 classUnlike Race Number Three, Race Number Four saw 28 of the 30 car field select Hoosier tires as the tire of choice. Competing classes in Race Number Four were F5 and FV. And as you would expect, Hoosier came away with the top seven finishers. Jim Schultz, Mike Brent, Robert J. Gelles, Robert L. Gelles and Jeremy Swank finished 1-5 all in the F5 class. Schultz and Brent bested the track record in the F5 class by turning a lap of 1:17:493 and 1:17:909 respectively. Schultz bettered the record by 1.4 seconds and Brent by .9 seconds. The top four finishers were also using Hoosier's new R25A compound. Finishing sixth and seventh overall and first and second in the FV class were Stephen Oseth and Roger Siebenaler.  

Race Number Six saw the following classes compete: AS, GT1, GT2, and GT3. Hoosier rubber was on nine of the 33 competitors. The top finishing Hoosier drivers were: Thomas Oates 2nd in AS, tenth overall, Woodson Duncan fifth in GT1 and 12th overall. Rod Folia in GT3 finished 2nd, and 13th overall.

Finally, in Race Number Eight, Hoosier tires were the selection of 16 of the 30 competitors. Classes competing in this race are EP, FP, GP, GT4, GT5 and HP. Top finishing Hoosier drivers were Buddy Norton in 2nd place overall and in the EP class. Ricardo Hollingshead was third overall and 3rd in the EP class. Tom Burdge finished 1st in F Production and seventh overall. 

We would like to thank all competitors who trusted Hoosier with their SCCA racing needs at Summit Point Raceway.      


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