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John Schmitt started 1st and finished 1st in EP. SOUTH HAVEN, MI (April 26-28) --  SCCA's Central Division season opened last weekend at the 1.88-mile Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, MI. Weather was a major factor as the competitors encountered sunny skies and temperatures in the 50's on Friday's open test day, to high winds with cold and rainy conditions on Sunday. Not surprisingly, the diverse weather conditions did nothing to deter members of Team-Hoosier in their quest for wins. A total of 13 wins were recorded by Hoosier-shod drivers--the most wins by any competing tire manufacturer.

A few new records were set over the weekend, including a record number of competitors that chose the Hoosier brand for their competition needs. An amazing 65% of the drivers that took the green flag for Sunday's action were riding on Hoosier tires. 

Congratulations to Justin Pritchard in the Piper 2002 for lowering the FF qualifying record with a 1:23.271 lap. 

Brian Tomasi dominated the FC class with a pole and a win. Thirteen FC cars competed--11 on Hoosier tires. John Fergus started first and finished first in S2000. John Schmitt started first and finished first in EP. 

Steve Sargis started first and finished first in FP, while lapping second place finishing Rick Haynes who was using a competing tire brand. Mike Biangardi started first and finished first in FA. Chris Crissenberry won GP. John Salisbury won HP. 

Jeff Ervin came out on top in a dramatic battle with Tim Cowen and Cliff Ebben. All three competed on Hoosier tires. Ben and Al Beasley, Jr. (the "Beasley Bunch") took the gold in CSR and DSR. Calvin Stewart won a close battle in F500 with Paul Shipp as both drivers competed on Hoosiers. 

Toby Grahovic and Harry Manning, on Hoosier Dirt Stockers, left the pole-sitter in their wake, as they finished 1st and 2nd, respectively, in SSB. John Fernandez and Ralph Porter engaged in close battle in their Neons to finish 1st and 2nd in SSC.

Hoosier Road Racing Product Manager Bruce Foss attended the weekend of racing and reported the details for this story.

All in all, it was a great beginning to the SCCA Central Division season with 13 races won by cars on Hoosiers. Congratulations to all the competitors who trusted USA-made Hoosier tires during the weekend's competition.


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